Afghanistan visa requirements – How to get a visa for Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is among the fastest to get a visa. Many embassies issue a tourist visa with a finished application form, a passport-type photo, visa fee, and a printout of your passport. They do it very much on the same day. Get a visa for Afghanistan with these steps.

Requirements for a visa to Afghanistan

Various forms for Afghanistan to obtain visa. 
The most popular way is applying inside your country at a consulate or an embassy.


  • Visa application form
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Passport
  • one photocopy of Passport
  • The price of 30€-120
  • $160 for an American citizen.

To receive your 30 days tourist visa, you need to apply at your nearest Afghan Embassy personally. It will take up to 2 weeks for the process.

Apply at Consulate of Afghanistan in Dubai

The best way to figure out your visa in Dubai. There are no flights to Afghanistan from Europe. 90 percent of flights are via Emirates. In order to arrange visas, this is basically roundtripped in Dubai. It is usually accepted in a single day. It’s quick, And it’s really very convenient. Everyone can go and apply in the morning. And can pick it up that evening.


  • Completed Visa form
  • Passport-size photograph
  • Passport

Apply for Visa: 08:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. 

Visa Collection Time: 02:00 P.M. to 04:00 P.M. 

Types of Visa:

According to the Afghan travel and residency law for foreign nationals, here are the types of visas available.

1) Diplomatic visa (DV)

  • It is issued for the holders of Diplomatic Passport.

2) Official visa (OV)

  • OV is issued by the Afghanistan Missions abroad to the foreign nationals who hold Services and Special Passports.
  • It can also be issued for those who enter the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s territory for conducting official assignments.
  • Foreign countries, institutions, agencies, and international organizations issuing visas for the staff of relevant authorities.

3) Business Visa (BV)

  • BV is issued to the foreign nationals who enter the territory of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for business, investment, marketing, commercial transactions, guardianship, liquidation, handling of corporate affairs, and commercial property.
  • Selling and buying property participation in exhibitions, commercial events, and similar issues.

3) Working Entry Visa (WV)-

The Work Visa is issued to foreigners wishing to come to India for employment purposes. The applicant should be a skilled and qualified professional or individual engaged or appointed in India. The individual also needs to be working in a corporation, association, industry, or undertaking, etc., on a contractual or employment basis. At a higher level, in a qualified role such as a technical expert, senior executive, or managerial position. Click on the link for more information on work visas.

  • WV is issued to employees, doctors, teachers, trainers, experts, engineers, pilots, and ground transportation staff.
  • The required documents are as follows:
    • For one month, Single Entry is USD 100.
    • The extension of one year is USD 50 per month.
    • Completed visa application form with a recent photo;
    • The extension of WV is based on the request for inviting departments. 

4) Tourist Visa (TV):

  • It is issued for foreign nationals interested in visiting Afghanistan individually or with a group to visit natural places, tourists, and historic sites.
  • TOV is issued by Afghan Missions abroad.
  • The validity of this type of visa is for ninety days, and the period of stay would be for thirty (30) days, which can be extended only by the MoI with the consent of the Afghan Tourism Department.

5)  Visit Visa (VV):

  • VV is issued for foreign nationals interested in participating in sports competitions, exhibitions, visiting relatives and friends, and conducting pilgrimage to holy sites in Afghanistan. 

Student Visa (SV):

  • It is issued by the Afghan Missions abroad to the foreign or international students who want to study, work and conduct research within Afghanistan Government and private academic institutions.
  • If a student has a government scholarship, then the SV fee will be charged based on reciprocity.  
Upon Arrival Visa (UAV): 
  • It’s issued within Afghanistan International Airports and must accompany the request of the UN Offices and International Organizations with written approval. 

Transit Visa (TSV):

  • It is issued to those foreign nationals who pass through Afghanistan with a valid visa or travel document.
  • The validity of TSV for air passengers is for one month and three days of stay and six days.
  • TSV is issued based on mutual agreement and reciprocity with the right to enter once or twice. 
  • Exit Visa (EXV): It is issued in the following cases to the foreign nationals who want an exit from Afghanistan:  
    • If his/her visa has not been extended or any exit has occurred. 
    • If he/she is banned from traveling by court order.
    • If he/she entered Afghanistan territory and sentenced to prison.

Consular Office Contact Information:

2233 Wisconsin Ave., NW
Suite #216
Washington, DC 20007

Tel: 202-483-6410 ext. 1023 or 1026
Fax: 202-483-6488

Here is about how to afford ply a visa for Afghanistan

Sources: Afghan Embassy in the US


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