Banks in Greece

Some good banks in Greece are:

  • Bank of Piraeus,
  • Ergasias Eurobank SA,
  • Alpha Bank, and
  • Aegean Baltic Bank.

The Greek banking system is made up of four systemic banks (big Greek banks with a significant impact on the domestic economy), Greek banks, and international banks with branches in the country.

The Bank of Greece is the country’s central bank, in charge of maintaining price stability and overseeing private banks. It also acts as the Greek government’s treasurer and fiscal agent. The Greek central bank was established in 1927 and has various locations throughout the country.

Banks in Greece

These are some banks in Greece.

Bank of Piraeus

In 1916, Universal Bank Piraeus Bank A.E. was founded with the goal of assisting small and medium-sized businesses. The bank today has 484 branches in Greece and 133 branches in Frankfurt, London, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Albania, offering a variety of banking services.

Ergasias Eurobank SA

Eurobank Ergasias SA is Greece’s second-largest bank, having been founded in 1990. Through its 625 offices, the European banking organization offers a wide range of banking and financial products and services, including retail, corporate, and investment banking, as well as asset management.

The bank, which is headquartered in Athens, has a strong presence in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, London, and Ukraine.

Piraeus Bank, headquartered in Athens, is Greece’s largest bank by assets. It has a 30% share of the market in net loans and a 29% percent of total deposits.

Alpha Bank

In terms of market value, Alpha Bank is the largest bank in Greece. The bank has 671 branches and subsidiaries around southern Europe, where it provides financial goods and services to people and businesses in Greece and other countries.

John F. Costopoulos created a small commercial firm in Kalamata in 1879, which later became Alpha Bank. In 1918, his banking division has renamed the Bank of Kalamata. After moving its headquarters to Athens in 1924, the bank changed its name to Banque de Credit Commercial Hellenic.

Aegean Baltic Bank

Aegean Baltic Bank (ABBank) is a specialist bank that focuses on the Greek and regional maritime communities, offering business, investment, and wealth management products and services. It was established in 2002 and has offices in Maroussi, Piraeus, and Glyfada.

How to open a bank account in Greece?

You must visit the bank in person and submit several documents proving your identity, Tax Identification Number, address, and financial status, regardless of which bank you choose to open an account with. Depending on why you want to open a bank account, you may need to bring additional documents, such as proof of your profession or current business address.

You will be required to show proof of your Tax Identification Number. In Greek, this is known as AFM / (Arithmos Forologikou Mitroou / o).

The 9-digit AFM is usually obtained from the income tax slip or income tax return for people who are already in the Greek system.

If you don’t already have an AFM, you should get one. If you know Greek, this is a relatively simple task. If you don’t, you’ll need to find someone who does and can guide you through the official government website. You can also try Google Translate or any other translation app.

Can a foreigner open a bank account in Greece?

As a non-resident, can I open a bank account in Greece? Yes, as a non-resident, you can open a bank account in Greece. The banks will ask for the AFM, or Arithmo Forologiko Mitro, a nine-digit tax number you may readily obtain from your local tax office in Greece.

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