How to open a bank account in Turkey

To open a bank account in Turkey is an essential step for anyone planning to live or work in Turkey. You can start from Türikiye İş Bankası (Isbank) and Ziraat Bankasi. Having a bank account makes it easier to receive and manage your finances. It is also necessary for everyday activities, such as paying rent, receiving a salary, or purchasing.

Opening a Turkey bank account is essential for ex-pats due to Turkey’s cash-based economy, saving on ATM fees, facilitating salary payments, and enabling convenient setup of direct debits for bills.

How to open a bank account in Turkey

Banking is an integral part of Turkey’s dynamic financial system. Banks handle the majority of money and capital market transactions and activity. Commercial banks account for 91 percent of total financial sector assets in Turkey as of 2020.

To open a bank account in Turkey, you generally need to follow these steps:

Choose a bank: Search different banks in person or online to find the one that suits your needs.

Gather documents: Valid passport/ID, proof of address in Turkey, and local Tax ID number (TIN); can be obtained instantly. Foreign national ID can also be used for application.

Make an appointment: Contact the bank and make an appointment to open an account.

Visit the bank in person: Bring your documents to the appointment and fill out the necessary forms, or you may apply online.

Wait for account activation: After the bank approves your application, they will activate your Account.

Can foreigners create a bank account in Turkey

Every overseas resident residing in Turkey and possessing a valid foreign identity number (YKN) can open a bank account. Anyone can also create a bank account online by visiting the official website of their preferred bank and following the instructions.

Wise is probably your best alternative if you don’t have a residency visa in Turkey and merely need daily transactional freedom and a Turkish IBAN for bank transfers.

But Wise has a new announcement. Read more on:

Turkish consumer restrictions.

Also, check Best banks in Turkey

What are the types of bank accounts in Turkey

In Turkey, there are several types of bank accounts that individuals and businesses can choose from, including:

Current Accounts: for everyday transactions.

Time Deposit Accounts: higher interest rates on fixed-term deposits in lira or foreign currency.

Golden Accounts: combine savings and current features, backed by genuine gold, can buy/sell precious metals.

Some Turkish banks provide other bank accounts, including insurance and term savings accounts.

Turkey Bank Account Requirements

Banks in Turkey need different documents to establish accounts. However, you’ll likely need to present the following:

A valid ID (passport or residency permit);

Proof of Turkish residency (utility bill, renting contract, etc.);

Tax ID number (TIN);

Foreign identity number (YKN);

Completed application form.

What kind of money do the Turkish use

Turkey uses the lira. The Turkish government recognizes the Turkish lira as legal currency, so you may use it to pay for products, services, taxes, and debts.

The Turkish lira is the only legal currency in the country.

Can I open a bank account online in Turkey

After the COVID-19 outbreak, Turkish laws allowed people to open bank accounts online without visiting a branch.

A new electronic framework allows Turkish customers to access financial services.

If you have:

A Turkish identity,

Proof of residence and;

A Turkish phone number,

You can open a bank account in Turkey online by calling one of the bank numbers and uploading the required documents on their websites.


Turkey does not allow foreigners to create bank accounts online.

How to find the nearest branch in Turkey

Fortunately, most banks in Turkey have an extensive network of branches and ATMs, making it easy for customers to access their funds and manage their finances.

You can type” banks near Istanbul” on Google Maps or any other map app. There you can find a list of relevant branches that you can contact. You can search your area for the nearest branch if you are not in Turkey. They can help you find a bank in Turkey.


Source: Monito, Wikipedia

The cover image is somewhere in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by Emre Alırız on Unsplash


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  1. jamil

    como si habre una cuanta in el banco de turkia gracias

  2. hola necesito abrir una cuenta en Turquía en TURKIYE GARANTI BANKASI A.S

    1. Nguilako Grâce

      Moi ça fait deux semaines que je suis entrain de chercher à ouvrir un compte bancaire en Turquie précisément à Istanbul j’ai tout l’ikamet le contrat de l’oie le passeport il refuse parce que je suis un noir

  3. Snack

    J’ai besoin d’ouvrir un compte en bancaire comment puis-je le faire

    1. Maitri Jha

      Bonjour, vous pouvez vous rendre directement à l’agence bancaire la plus proche avec les documents requis ou vous pouvez choisir une banque et visiter leur site en ligne pour vous inscrire.

  4. carlos

    Buenos días soy de Chile y me gustaría saber si es posible abrir una cuenta numerada desde mi país.
    Y qué valor tiene esto.
    Atentos a tu respuesta, muchas gracias.

    1. Maitri Jha


      Puede hablar directamente con la persona del banco que le ayudará. Primero seleccione un banco en Turquía en el que desee abrir su cuenta y luego regístrese en línea con ese banco.

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  11. Sandra

    ich finde keine türkische Bank wo ich als Deutsche ohne Foreign-ID ein Konto eröffnen kann. Türkische Steuernummer habe ich allerdings.
    Bei welcher Bank kann man als Nichtansässiger ein Konto eröffnen?
    Viele Grüße

    1. Demi

      Sie können ein WISE-Konto ausprobieren. Oder versuchen Sie es mit einem anderen Geldtransferdienst, der Ihnen ein Bankkonto in der Türkei gibt.

  12. Bom dia Porque eu brasileira não posso abrir uma conta na Turquia mesmo estando ainda no Brasil eu quero abrir a conta na Turquia porque quero todo mês guarda dinheiro é possível abrir alguém do banco da Turquia não pode me ajudar porque eu tendo uma conta na Turquia posso guarda dinheiro porque quero ir em breve para Turquia. Obrigada!!

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