Best hospitals in Iraq

Some of the best hospitals in Iraq: 

  • Ibn Sina hospital
  • Al Moosawi private hospital
  • Par Hospital
  • Rizgari hospital

In the past few years, Iraq had developed a free centralized and universal healthcare system. In 1970, they started using a hospital-based and a capital-intensive model of curative care. Iraq, unlike the other poorer countries, which focused on mass health care using primary care practitioners, Iraq developed a Westernized system of sophisticated hospitals with advanced medical procedures, provided by specialist physicians. UNICEF / WHO report noted that prior to 1990, 97 percent of the urban dwellers and 71 percent of the rural population had access to free primary health care.

Best hospitals in Iraq

In the past few years, Iraq has developed a free centralized, and universal healthcare system. At the moment, there aren’t any doctors working at about half of the primary care facilities in the nation. Most of these structures lack running water, have outdated equipment, and are low on drugs and other essential medical supplies. The doctors here are frequently overly specialized and require more extensive training.

These are some of the best hospitals in Iraq.

Ibn Sina hospital


The Ibn Sina Hospital is located in the International Zone of Baghdad, Iraq. The hospital was taken under control by the United States Armed Forces when Saddam Hussain was taken in custody. The Hospital was run by United States Armed Services till 30th of September 2019. The hospital was handed back to the Iraqi government on 1st October 2009 as previously run by United States Armed Forces also. The doctors in the hospital staff knows english which helps most of the foreign patients get treated in best way. This hospital is also affiliated to the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

Al Moosawi private hospital

The Al Moosawi Hospital is a private hospital in Iraq city Basra. This is a general hospital which does cover a big range of medical specialties. The hospital staff is very much familiar with the English language which makes it a good hospital for the treatment of foreigners. The hospital staff also has vast experience of handling foreign patients especially British and US Nationals.

Basra, Iraq

Open 24 hour

+964 770 493 9583

Par Hospital

The Par Hospital is the private hospital Located in Erbil city of Iraq. The Hospital provides medical facilities to almost every field. The hospital provides the highest quality of clinical to the patients in Ebril. Hospital staff is very much English speaking, which also helps the majority of the population get treated in the hospital.

Erbil 44001, Iraq

Open 24 hours

+964 66 210 7001

Rizgari hospital

The Rizgari Hospital is a government-run hospital located in the Ebril city of Iraq. The hospital has very much experienced and English speaking staff. Rizgari Hospital is affiliated to the Iraqi Ministry of Health. The hospital has tied-up with some of the foundations which provide the services to the citizens living in the villages and the areas which do not have many resources for the aid.

Qazi, Erbil, Iraq

Open 24 Hours (Friday Closed)

+964 66 227 1516

How to find a hospital in Iraq?

Healthcare in Iraq is free and universal for everyone living in Palestine.

To find a hospital in Iraq, you can search on Google Maps or any map app you like. I typed “Hospitals in Iraq” into Google Maps, and below, I show the result.

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