Best shopping malls in Paris

If you are visiting France, you must visit the best malls. The best part is that there is nothing you cannot find there. Prepare to enjoy the best of shopping in France across some of the most vibrant cities. Some of the best places to shop at every nook and cranny.

Best shopping malls in Paris

Many well-known labels, such as Armani, and Cacharel, will feature things that you can trust. Hugo Boss skirts are 140€ instead of 700€, Reebok sneakers are half cheap, and Guess watches are under 200€. You get hungry while shopping. Relax with a nice Italian meal at La Fraschetteria and a cup of coffee at the King of Coffee Starbucks. A homemade dish at the Monument Café, or even homemade burgers at Maison Froude.

1. Les Galeries LaFayett

Les Galeries LaFayette is a world-famous high-end French department store. And a shopping complex with hundreds of brands. Many tourists visit the main store in Paris. It boasts exquisite interior decor in the art nouveau style. Many visitors come here for the city’s panoramic view. Popular fashion displays often take place.

2. Rue Beaugrenelle

Beaugrenelle Street is a prominent shopping center in the center of Paris. It is a short walk away if you see the Eiffel Tower and need to do some shopping. Many iconic Parisian fashion labels and exquisite styles are here. There are friendly receptionists on hand to help you if you need it. It’s the ideal destination for a delicious lunch in a stylish setting.

3. Le Carrousel du Louvre

The underground Carrousel du Louvre is close to the Louvre and the Place du Carrousel. It first opened its doors in 1993 and has since built a solid reputation as a fun shopping destination. Sephora, Espirit, and the first Apple Store in France are well-known names. It’s also close to the Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre metro station, which connects to lines 1 and 7. Even if you don’t plan on shopping, it’s worth stopping by to admire La Pyramide Inversée, the famed skylight.

4. Beaugrenelle

The first is Magnetic Island, which houses high-end fashion retailers. They are like Aigle, Michael Kors, Zadig and Voltaire, and Hollister, as well as large brands like H&M, Celio, and Zara. It is a fashionista’s dream with Agatha and Guerlain cosmetics and luxury businesses. Meanwhile, the Panoramic islet houses 14 restaurants and a four-story Mark and Spencer. It has a high environmental quality which makes it a friendly shopping mall.

5. Printemps Haussmann

There are the major fashion, luxury, and beauty brands represented. Brands like Dolce&Gabbana and Karen Millen in “Printemps de la Mode.” They are subject in the store’s three buildings, which have a total of 27 stories. Vogue and Laura Mercier in “Printemps Beauté,” and Armani and Levi’s in “Printemps Homme.” It also organizes events and courses. Those can be hairdressing workshops or tastings of seasonal food or drinks.

6. The Carousel of the Louvre

This mall has accessories and fashion stores. It has beauty stores, health stores, and multimedia stores. Leisure stores, decoration stores, and hypermarkets are available in this shopping center.

On the food front, you have a variety of options: fast food at McDonald’s and Starbucks. Or a more diverse menu at Restaurants of the World with Beaudevin, Meltem, Salam, So, Tazio, and Tazi.

7. Italy Two

Various names such as Agatha, Guérin Joaillerie, and Ouroboros found in jewellers. Because they have a large range of clothes and pricing. Adidas, André, Eram, and even Minelli are among the shoe brands available. Un, Deux, Trois, Armand Thierry, Camaeu, or Promod are good places to go for fashion shops. Well-known brands like Marionnaud, Sephora, and Yves Rocher are in beauty stores. You have the option to eat at restaurants like Hippopotamus and La Croissanterie. The Paul chain, or even a simpler Subway or McDonald’s, is unique and reasonable.

8. CNIT & 4-stroke

This district is the first European business with corporate headquarters and luxury hotels. It is in the borough of La Défense, 6 km from the Arc de Triomphe. This site is full of appeal, with its Grande Arche, massive structures, and distant view of Paris. Only 400 metres separate the two commercial centers. Both facing the Grande Arche and separated by the Parvis de la Défense.

With approximately 240 apparel, decoration, and cosmetics businesses. Les 4 Temps is Europe’s largest shopping center, ensuring that it finds what they are looking for. Mango, H&M, C&A, Bonobo, and Esprit are a few of the well-known clothing stores that call it home.

9. So Ouest

This shopping centre is in Levallois-Perret, France, near Clichy-la-Garenne and Porte d’Asnières. It was in an urban area and is part of a sustainable development policy. It is in a design and Louis XV style. Centre TV screens and fragrance diffusers to create a different mood depending on.

10. Aéroville

During their daily shopping binge, tourists in transit and inhabitants of adjacent towns. The lobbies and stairwells of this mall are good for their natural home smells and calming music. It is akin to what one could hear in nature. Everything they need is a Europacorp cinema and a large range of eateries. A sports hall, apparel, décor, beauty, games, leather goods, and even jewelry stores.

The cover image is somewhere in Paris, France. Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash


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