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The best time to visit Norway depends on what you want to do. Jun-Aug promises long days and the fabled midnight sun ideal for hiking, cycling or cruising – but no guarantee of heat, even if it won’t be cold! May and Sep offer mild temperatures, fewer crowds, and gorgeous natural colors. May is also blossom time, while Aug is berry picking season. Winter can be bitter, but dress properly and Norway is a snowy nirvana, from snowshoeing to cross country skiing. The Northern Lights sparkle from Sep on, peaking Dec-Feb. 


  • The start of the year is pretty cold and dark in Norway, even on the southwest coast in Bergen, and if you’re planning on visiting in January and February make sure you wrap up warm especially if you’re heading for cross country ski trails or in search of the Northern Lights.
  • March is the best time to go to Norway for maximizing daylight hours and snowfall in winter sports resorts and as April turns to May you’ll find an abundance of wildflowers and blossom appearing in country meadows as well as a fair amount of slushy snow underfoot.
  • June, July and August are certainly the best months to go to Norway in terms of temperatures and daylight hours although prices will be at a premium as well midges and other bitey insects in and around the marshlands towards the north of the country.
  • After the school holidays in mid-September and October, Norway becomes slightly more affordable as it’s caught between summer and winter with several outdoor attractions starting to shut up shop with the onset of snow and bitter winds.
  •  November days are cold and dark with not much going on apart from snow clouds culminating on higher grounds and the Northern Lights starting to respond to conditions.
  • It’s really December when things start to turn pretty with snow flurries, frozen lakes and Christmas festivities lighting Norway up like the preverbal spruce.

Popular Festivals in Norway

1. Oya Festival, Oslo

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Started and initiated back in 1999, the Oya festival has today carved out as one of the largest Norway’s music festivals. It is an annual outdoor music festival lasting for four days at a stretch and featuring top musicians, namely, Sonic Youth, Arctic Monkeys, The Stooges, Beck and many others with exhilarated masses attending the same.

Location: Toyen Park, Oslo, Norway
Dates: In August


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