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How much does a trip to China cost?

China is the most populous country in the world and located in Eastern Asia. China has some of the most heart-warming places in the world which everyone must see once in their life. Coming to the food you will get to eat almost everything to eat in China. You’ll get some of the best dishes in your life and the worst too. China is a place where tourists love to do a lot of shopping. So, the travel cost to China is something that needs to get simplified to get a travel budget.

Here in this article, we configured the average spending figures for travel in China. This will be very helpful for you if you are planning to travel to China.

How much does a trip to China cost? 

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Accommodation Costs for Travel in China

The most difficult and the most important task in traveling is finding accommodation. Accommodation is also the most expensive part of any trip. Hotels in China will range according to your pocket. You’ll find simple hostel-like accommodation to the luxurious Five-star hotels. The hotel prices vary in different cities and season may have an effect on the price too. Prices may also hike on the weekends, public holidays.

The standards of the hotels may also vary from state to state. Hotel standards seem to be good to in the west, in cities like Hong Kong the standards found to be as expected. Here is the list of hotel prices in some popular cities in China.

The average cost of hotels in USD in china
Price Band1: HK, Macau2: Beijing, Shanghai…3: Xi’an, Guilin…4: Harbin, Luoyang…
Luxury Hotels250180130100
Mid-Range Hotels120906040
Budget Hotels40302010
Detailed description of the prices of hotels in some popular cities.

Transportation Costs for Travel in China

Other than accommodation, the thing which needs most of the money is transportation. In China transportation is a bit expensive but it will save your time very much. Inter-city transportation services in China are very much good. For the transportation services, you may choose from flights, trains and bullet trains,

Image result for bullet train of china
Bullet train

The traveling between cities on trains will cost between 350¥ to 800¥ in general. If you choose to travel by the flights this will cost you around 700¥ to 2500¥ on the economy or cheaper flights. The prices for the first-class travel or business class may cost around two to three times of the economy. The train fares do not vary much as compared to the prices of flights.

The prices for the flights varies much more if we compare them with the prices of the train journey. The prices for the late night and the early morning journey will cost you some lesser amount. These are the few sites from where you can search your respective flights Ctrip.com, Qunar.com, and Elong.com.

International Airfare to China

Image result for International Airfare to China

Coming to the cost of the airfare for travel to China. This cost of air travel varies a lot but it depends on various factors. It depends on the time when you are flying and when you are booking your ticket. Prices may also vary from airlines to airlines and also the prices may be higher on festivals. The direct or non-stop flights are costlier so if you want to save money opt for one or two stop flights.

Seasons will also have an effect on the prices, as the summer season is the most expensive time to travel to China. Traveling in winter will be 30 to 40% cheaper than in the summer. Prices may be higher at the time of the Chinese new year

The cities which are most popular to visit and roam around in China are Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.


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