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How much does a trip to Turkey cost?

How much does it cost to travel to Turkey?

  • Cappadocia (3N)→Istanbul (3N) – 35,908/- INR
  • Istanbul (1N)→Antalya (2N)→Pamukkale (1N)→Cappadocia (2N)→Istanbul (2N) – 1,67,380/- INR
Around 167 Turkish Lira is the average daily price for very basic and cheap traveling.
That is about 22 US Dollars (USD) or 19 Euros (EUR) or 1650 Indian Rupees (INR). These average travel prices are based on feedback from people visiting Turkey. 
The average price of basic, but very good, meals in Turkey for one day is at least TRY 31 ( USD 4, EUR 3.50, INR 300 ). The average price of a basic hotel in Turkey for a couple is around TRY 200 ( USD 27, EUR 22, INR 2000 ).
The average daily cost per person is around TRY 167. ( 22 USD, 18 EUR, INR 1600  ). One week per person is around TRY 1142 ( 151 USD, 127 EUR, INR 11220  ). Two weeks per person is around TRY 2285 ( 303 USD, 255 EUR, INR 22447  ), which is the same amount for one week for a couple. Two weeks for a couple is around TRY 4570 ( 605 USD, 510 EUR, INR 44894 ). One month per person is around TRY 4896 ( 649 USD, 546 EUR, INR 48097 ). One month for a couple is around TRY 9792 ( 1297 USD, 1093 EUR, INR 96195 ).
Istanbul is naturally more expensive than other parts of Turkey, but it has a wider range of choices as well. The Turkish Lira exchange rate for other currencies has been changing in the last few years. Thus check your exchange rate when you are traveling to Turkey.

What Places you can travel to for free in Trukey?

FREE tourist attractions
Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Spice Bazaar, and Ortakoy Market.
Atatürk House Museum in Izmir.
Nevsehir and/or Urgup Museum, Tatlarin Underground City Church are in Cappadocia.

What Places you can travel to after paying in Trukey?

Full-day Bosphorus cruises cost Rs. 800 and above.

Museum of Topkapi Palace: Rs. 600 (extra for the Harem section).

Museum and Gallery at Hagia Sophia: Rs. 600

Pamukkale: 750 rupees.

The archaeological site at Agora: Rs. 90

Ephesus Museum and Archaeological Site: Rs. 750

Cappadocian underground cities: Rs. 240–450

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations: Rs. 450 Rs 230 for aphrodisiacs

Cheapest turkey tour packages site:

For the best tour packages one can check on the sites provided below:

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Places To Be Visit In Turkey?


Turkey lives where the Balkan peninsula meets the Anatolian peninsula. Europe meets West Asia in Turkey. People coming from the east have met in Turkey with people coming from the west for thousands of years. Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey and in Europe. The Bosphorus splits the Asian and the European side of this city.
Kapalı Çarşı , the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, has been open since the fifteenth century. This marketplace was founded shortly after Constantinople was conquered by the Ottomans. Over the years, it has grown into a labyrinth of dozens of streets crowded with thousands of shops. It is a huge area that occupies more than thirty thousand square meters. You’re never going to be able to experience everything in a single visit here. But that doesn’t stop people from trying.
The Grand Bazaar is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Almost millions of people walk around it every year.
Traveling around Turkey is much cheaper than in neighboring European countries. And it provides much of the same comfort. Food can be cheap, even in fancy restaurants. Also, cakes and desserts are cheap, tasty, and everywhere.
Turkey is a rather large country, and despite its excellent bus system, trips can often be tiring.
If you’re on a short trip, consider booking at least one flight. So you can make the most of your time in this beautiful country. Busses are certainly appropriate for shorter journeys. But when you fly from Turkey to Turkey, a flight would save you a lot of time and trouble. And sometimes flights are as cheap as the long bus journey to the same destination.




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