How to Apply an Asylum For Cyprus?

It is normal practice for asylum seekers and refugees to seek legal counsel. It is after their asylum claim got rejected in the first instance by the Asylum Service of Cyprus. It is still critical to get prepared from the start of the asylum procedure. Here is the RSD interview done by the Asylum Service. This is your first and best chance to describe your experience. Here the given international protection at the first instance judgment.

Who can Apply?

Any individual who got arrested or detained may request that the warrant to get issued. Unless there are compelling reasons to allow the applicant to handle his own case. The application must get presented by a lawyer.
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When to Apply?

If you have genuine reasons for requesting asylum. You must file your application as soon as you arrive in Cyprus. It is along with all your family members. If you entered Cyprus without authorization or documentation. You must report to the authorities as soon as possible. If you are already in Cyprus and are scared to return home due to circumstances. That has transpired following your departure, you can seek asylum.

Whether you get landed in Cyprus on purpose or by accident. You must apply for asylum in Cyprus once you arrive. Even if you plan to move on to another nation under the Dublin Rule.
Whenever you submit your application. Your fingerprints, as well as the fingerprints of all family members included along with your application, will be taken. This is a legal obligation. Children under the age of 14 are not required to provide fingerprints.

Where to Apply?

You can apply for asylum at any lawful entrance point into Cyprus. It includes Larnaca Airport, Pafos Airport, Larnaca Sea Port, and Limassol Sea Port. As well as your district’s Police Immigration Office.
Even if you do not have a passport, identification card, or any other travel or identity documents. You can petition for asylum at the Immigration Office.
Asylum applications are thus filed to Immigration Police. The competent entity that accepts them is the Ministry of Interior’s Asylum Service.

How to Apply?

1. Fill out a personal information form at the District Immigration Police.
You must apply in person at your current District Migration Police Office. You should be with all members of the family. Click here for the addresses and phone numbers of the District Immigration Offices.
When you arrive at the Immigration Police Station. You request an application form in a language that you can read and write. Application forms are accessible in the following languages. Like, Greek, Turkish, English, French, Arabic, Farsi, and Russian. If there are no application forms available in a language. You can read and write in, you have the right to request an interpreter. An interpreter’s services are offered at no cost.
Step 2: Submission confirmation
Once you have completed all the preceding stages. The Immigration Police will provide you a Confirmation of Submission. It indicates that you have sought asylum and are staying in Cyprus. You should have this Confirmation Letter with you at all times. It protects you against arrest and/or deportation. One month after submitting your asylum application. You can use the Confirmation Letter to register with the Labour Office. You must exercise your right to work. The Confirmation Letter also establishes your eligibility for help. If you are unable to find work or if you are unable to work, as well as a medical card to get admission to public hospitals.

3. Medical Exams 

After receiving your Confirmation Letter, you must schedule a physical examination at any District Hospital between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The medical checkup is free of charge, and the results are kept strictly secret.

The results of the HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, and Tuberculosis tests will be delivered to you, and you will be advised by a doctor. The findings of your medical examination must be presented to the Immigration Police, who will forward them to the Asylum Service. You will be granted an Alien Registration Card (ARC) or an appointment for the issuance of the ARC will be set once this procedure is completed.

4. Fill out an application for an Aliens Registration Card (ARC)
You must apply for a Registration Card at your District Immigration Police Office. as soon as you get your Confirmation Letter and medical examination. All members of your family who are included in your asylum application must get their own Registration Card. This is an identity paper granted to all foreigners in Cyprus, including asylum applicants. The Aliens Book does not provide proof of lawful residency in Cyprus.
Asylum applicants receive the Aliens Book free of charge.


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