How to find a job in Greece?

If you are a citizen of American, Canada, or a non-EU citizen and are planning to migrate to Greece, you must know that a greek work permit is involving living and working in Greece. So before looking for jobs in Greece, it becomes essential to understand what options are legally open to you. Visit the site to ensure you are fulfilling all the requirements for a work permit.

How to find a job in Greece?

With the sites below, you can expect to get a 20% to 30% response rate (people who will respond to you to whom you sent your application/CV.) I encourage you to give these sites a try as you never know what you will come up with or what connections you can make from a simple e-mail or application.

  1. Overseas Jobs: This website sometimes overlaps significantly with those of other websites. But this website has been around for while.
  2. Go Abroad: have always been GoAbroad fan. You can find where people are connected to their Global Embassies directory on their website’s visa details section. They even have an appropriate career portal. 
  3. Linkedin: This is a huge professional social network. It is a useful resource for creating contacts in the field and place of your interest.
  4. Career Jet: You’ve heard of Career Jet, I’m sure. For Greece, they have work quest options.
  5. Indeed the Greek edition of Indeed.com’s central U.S. job search platform.
  6. Learn 4 Good: It appears to lean towards teaching opportunities, but I have also seen jobs in other industries.
Employment in Greece

At a Glance:

  • Tourism accounts for one-fifth of the Greek economy, based on the services sector.
  • There has been a rise in tax rates in Greece over the past five years.
Over the past four years, Greece has been making headlines with its financial crisis. The government has implemented tough moderations. Thus, the economy seems to be going back on track. However, the unemployment rate is still high, at 24%.
So why is working in Greece still a workable option for ex-pats? The government targets ex-pats, especially investors and entrepreneurs, willing to invest their capital in Greece’s economy.

Major Economic Sectors in Greece

The primary and secondary sectors account for a much smaller GDP percentage, i.e., 3.9% and 13.3%. Approximately 13 percent of people in Greece have jobs in the agricultural industry, including a large part of the fishing industry. Sea Aquaculture contributes an increasing amount to the annual GDP of the nation. The remaining people working in Greece are well employed in the shipping industry. However, dominated by chemical industries as well as the manufacturing of metal products.

Finding work and jobs in Greece

The job companies are currently in a bad state, and finding a job remains very difficult. Although the economy is getting better, ex-pats were also among the many people who lost their jobs. There was also news of ex-pats leaving the country because of the ongoing crisis. Non-working people with an income source independent from the Greek economy — mostly retirees — are still advised to keep their savings in an international bank account and draw their regular income from outside of Greece.
If you want to work in Greece, though, the Greek government’s Manpower Employment Organization issues an annual of regions and professional fields lacking satisfactory candidates from Greece or the rest of the EU. You can search for job openings in Greece through many channels, including online vacancy search engines, newspaper classified ads, and recruiting agencies.

English teaching

English teaching could be the right choice. All of the sites below are pretty similar and have an extensive range of work opportunities for teaching English. For any English teaching work openings in Greece, click through each of the pages. Also, be sure to check out this fabulous table from the International TEFL academy that highlights how much money teachers in different countries around the world can expect to make.

Total ESL: An overly busy interface and a wealth of work posts for international teaching jobs.

ESL Cafe: In gathering some of the best work opportunities from all over the world, Dave does a fantastic job.

Tesla: Aggregator of primary teaching workers.

ESL Employment: Not the most beautiful GUI, but if you want a pretty website, you have so many English teaching work opportunities to choose from this site.

Taxi Driver

For many ex-pats, becoming a taxi cab driver in Greece is an ordinary job choice as it is a primary mode of transport used by locals and tourists to get around every day. If you’re worried about being a cab driver in Greece because you’re not familiar with the region or the highways, it might be a safer choice for you to work for Uber. Uber, a transport network company, allows you to order and get in a taxi in minutes. Taxis in Greece are usually yellow cars with an illuminated ‘TAXI’ sign on the roof’s top. You will need to consider taking out one of the Uber driver loans offered by Bonsai Finance to be set up as an Uber drive in Greece.  A taxi driver’s average pay is EUR 13,856 a year and EUR 7 an hour in Greece.

Popular site- Job for the Taxi driver.

Freelance Job

It is the right career choice for an ex-pat in Greece to work as a freelancer working in any industry as it gives you the freedom and space to pursue the kind of work you are interested in. There are several opportunities for freelance work jobs, including being a translator to a reporter, a photographer, or a repairman.

However, you should bear in mind that freelance work means that you are not entitled to sick leave, holiday pay, or the other benefits that employers offer. You should also be sure to check the Greek laws concerning freelance jobs, as you might find that for your deals to be legal, you have to open a self-employed company in your name. Apply Now

The tourism industry

One of Greece’s primary industries is its tourism sector, which makes it a perfect job-searching drive. There are several different jobs in the tourism industry, from hotel workers to selling ice cream on the beautiful beaches that Greece offers to visitors.

As chambermaids and reception staff are required around the clock to ensure that Greek visitors have a good time and are well looked after during their holiday, you will find a lot of work is available in the hotel industry. However, with this line of work, you might find that you have less work during the less popular tourist seasons. Apply now

Embassy Job

It is a widespread career choice for ex-pats to get a job working for your embassy, as you already have the experience from home to help with the position. Although it is also not the easiest route to work because you will have to undergo additional training and potentially have to learn Greek, it is a secure job where you can feel safe (even in the current time of financial instability in Greece). Apply Now


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