How to find an apartment in Bangkok? Accommodation in Thailand

To find an apartment in Bangkok, look at DD property or Rent hub. You can also use Facebook groups like หอพัก คอนโด ห้องเช่า ที่พัก บ้านเช่า กรุงเทพ กทม Bangkok(โอนก่อนเท่ากับโกง). You can also search on Google Maps for apartments in any district of Bangkok.

How to rent an apartment in Bangkok is similar whether you are a resident or a new foreigner in Thailand.

The following links lead to resources in Thai or English. If you need another language, use Google Translate, or use any other translation tool you like.

How to find an apartment in Bangkok? Accommodation in Thailand

You can browse these popular Thai real estate websites, to find an apartment in Bangkok.

DD property is a popular website in Thailand. It’s for renting or buying apartments or houses.

Dot property is a popular real estate website in Thailand.

Living Insider is another popular real estate website in Thailand.

Hongpak is about dormitory rooms and apartments for rent in Thailand.

Rent hub is a resource for apartments, dormitories, and rooms all over Thailand.

Property hub is another real estate website in Thailand.

You can also look for some Facebook groups about renting in Bangkok. Here I list some results:

หอพัก คอนโด ห้องเช่า ที่พัก บ้านเช่า กรุงเทพ กทม Bangkok(โอนก่อนเท่ากับโกง)

บ้านเช่ากรุงเทพ | Baanchao.com

Bangkok – Lease Takeover-Short term Rentals-Pet Friendly-Space sharing

Rent room or house in Bangkok

You can also search on Google Maps or any other mapping app for ‘apartment’ or ‘room’ in an area of Bangkok. For example, I searched for ‘apartment near Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand’. This is the result.

How to rent an apartment in Bangkok

You want to think about some of the following things before renting an apartment.

Set your desired budget

The cost of your accommodation should not exceed one-third of your salary or income. The meaning of cheap rental apartments for each person may vary depending on their financial status and monthly income. You may be a student who is still dependent. Or you are just starting to work and your monthly income is not very high.

If you cannot afford a place you might need to find a roommate or a flatmate.

Understand each accommodation cost

You should make a table comparing expenses for each place before making a decision. Some cheaper places don’t have a kitchen and that might cost you more. Some apartments are far from where you need to be every day, which also might cost you. Be sure to factor in the cost of transportation from your accommodation to work or university.

Most accommodations want one or two months of deposit.

Set your requirements

Think about what you want most from your rental apartment. That narrows the scope of the search. For example, you can ask yourself if you want a quiet room or a central place in a crowded area. You maybe need parking or you want a fitness center. Maybe you need an apartment to rent that is next to the train station.

Check the contract before agreeing to rent a room

Each room rental may require a contract of 3 months to 1 year, which is a fairly long period. So before deciding to find a cheap room to rent. You should check the contract to see if there are any stipulations that should be considered.

Look at the condition of the room. Whether there is anything damaged. If anything is broken, the landlord should be notified. They should inspect, fix, or specify when they will fix.

Currently, the law in Thailand is more beneficial to the tenants.

Room security system

Even though it’s a cheap rental, security is a top priority that should not be overlooked. Buildings can have security measures, such as CCTV, security guards, and access using a key card or scan fingerprints.

Restaurants and facilities

Many apartments in Bangkok don’t have a kitchen. You want to know about food and facilities such as convenience stores, laundry shops, and post offices are essential to life as well. You can use delivery apps, but the delivery fee might be not small. If there is a restaurant nearby, it can save you money.

Other common fees

Finding a cheap rental in some condos may include other fees besides the monthly rent, such as common area fees, and parking fees. advance deposit.

Therefore, before deciding to rent, do not forget to check this detail carefully to see if combined with the monthly rent that must be paid or not.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Bangkok?

1000 Thai Baht are around 27 US Dollars or 28 Euros. That is also around 2200 Indian Rupees or 190 Chinese Yuan.

Finding a cheap room for rent will cost around 3000 or 4000 Baht per month or even lower depending on the location. That is a dormitory or a small studio.

You can also find rental apartments in the form of condominiums, or condos. A reasonable budget should not exceed 10,000 baht per month. Condos have more facilities than dormitories.

The important thing is that water and electricity bills are often cheaper in condos than in dormitories.

The cheapest areas in Bangkok where to rent are probably not out of suburban areas such as Ramintra, Khannayao, Bangna, or Upper Sukhumvit. You can still find apartments with an average monthly price of not more than 10,000 Baht.

Sources: DD Property

The cover image is somewhere in Bangkok. Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash


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