How to find an apartment in Berlin?

To find an apartment, you start with immobilienscout24 and immowelt.de. You can also look at Facebook groups or other social media. A famous example is Berlin Apartments – Rent – Share & Sell flats & apartments in Berlin.

You want to contact landladies directly. You can use a real estate website or an agent in real estate in Berlin. You can also walk around a neighborhood and look for rental or sale signs.

Most websites or apps are in English and German. If you need it, use Google Translate or any other translation service.

How to find an apartment in Berlin?

I present some of the most popular apps and websites for finding an apartment in Berlin. You can also look into sharing a flat with someone else.

All these websites have filters that allow you to narrow your search. You can search by type of housing, municipality, neighborhood, and postal code. You can use other filters: by price, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, extras, state of the property, and more.

You may want to try to contact the property owners directly. But if you use an agency, determine how much you will have to pay them.

In Berlin, agencies sometimes want you to pay them a month’s rent just because they show you an apartment, but it depends on the country.

Baidu, Google, Naver, Sogou, Yandex, or any other search engine can be a good start for a search for an apartment or a house for rent. This could be, for example, “Apartments for rent in the Mitte district” or “House for sale in the Pankow district.” You can also look to share a flat with someone else.

Facebook groups can also be an option to start to see what’s around you. You can search for Facebook groups discussing Berlin and apartments or houses for rent or sale.

immobilienscout24 has apartments for sale, rent, share, or vacation. It is one of the most popular real estate websites in Germany.

immowelt.de. is another viral real estate website in Germany. It’s for rent or sale. You can calculate the mortgage that you would need for an individual flat. You can find brand new houses as well.

 immonet.de  wg-gesucht.de is another popular real estate website in Germany.

Why live in Berlin?

Are you thinking of living in Berlin? Berlin has a long and complicated history reflected in its architecture, culture, and nightlife. The city is also home to many museums, galleries, and theaters. Of course, no trip to Berlin is complete without viewing the Berlin Wall.

Why is Berlin a great place to live?

Berlin is a very cheap city and is actually one of the cheapest capital cities in Western Europe to live in. Rent, food, and public transport are affordable, meaning extra money always seems to be left over for travel or living. It is said that beer is cheaper than water there.

Let’s say that Berlin has an excellent public transport network that connects almost every corner of the city, so no matter where you live, it’s elementary to get around. The system is reliable, efficient and affordable and trains run all night on weekends.

The great thing about Berlin is that most Berliners can speak English extremely well, which is very helpful when you’ve only managed to master the basics of German.

Berlin is a beautiful place to raise a family because it is a safe city. The city offers an excellent healthcare system, a low crime rate, and a range of cultural and recreational activities.

Popular real estate websites in Berlin.

You can look up real estate agencies that can help you. You can type “real estate agency near Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district ” on Google Maps or any other map app. There you can find a list of relevant agencies that you can contact. You can also walk around a neighborhood and look for rental signs.

Be aware that you should pay an agency when they find an apartment for you, but it depends on the country.  

Facebook groups on finding an apartment in Berlin

These are some groups I found about renting a flat around Berlin. I searched “Rent in Berlin” and “to buy a house in Berlin.” You can find more groups.

Berlin Housing is about renting in some of Berlin’s neighborhoods. The Facebook page is public and created by Nestpick, the largest platform globally for accommodation on demand.

Berlin Apartments – Rent – Share & Sell flats & apartments in Berlin! is another renting flat in Berlin or Germany.

Berlin Apartments – Rent – Share & Sell flats & apartments in Berlin! is another Facebook group for apartments for rent in Berlin.

  are about renting flats in Berlin.

The above image shows somewhere in Berlin. Photo by Max van den Oetelaar


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