How to find an apartment in Frankfurt?

To find an apartment, you start with immobilienscout24.de and engelvoelkers. You can also look at Facebook groups or other social media. A famous example is Flats,Apartments,Wohnung,WG for Rent/Mieten in Frankfurt am Main.

You want to contact landladies directly. You can use a real estate website or an agent in real estate in Frankfurt. You can also walk around a neighborhood and look for rental or sale signs.

Most websites or apps are in English and German. If you need it, use Google Translate or any other translation service.

How to find an apartment in Frankfurt?

I present some of the most popular apps and websites for finding an apartment in Frankfurt. You can also look into sharing a flat with someone else.

All these websites have filters that allow you to narrow your search. You can search by type of housing, municipality, neighborhood, and postal code. You can use other filters: by price, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, extras, state of the property, and more.

You may want to try to contact the property owners directly. But if you use an agency, determine how much you will have to pay them.

In Frankfurt, agencies sometimes want you to pay them a month’s rent just because they show you an apartment, but it depends on the country.

Baidu, Google, Naver, Sogou, Yandex, or any other search engine can be a good start for a search for an apartment or a house for rent. This could be, for example, “Apartments for rent in the Sachsenhausen district” or “House for sale in the Nordend district.” You can also look to share a flat with someone else.

Facebook groups can also be an option to start to see what’s around you. You can search for Facebook groups discussing Frankfurt and apartments or houses for rent or sale.

immobilienscout24 has apartments for sale, rent, share, or vacation. It is one of the most popular real estate websites in Germany.

immowelt.de. is another viral real estate website in Germany. It’s for rent or sale. You can calculate the mortgage that you would need for an individual flat. You can find brand new houses as well.

engelvoelkers mrlodge  is another popular real estate website in Germany.

Why live in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt has a rich history and culture, with numerous historic buildings and museums. It is also one of Germany’s most diversified cultural centers. This multicultural metropolis is home to over 180 nationalities, and many call Frankfurt home. People may be heard speaking English, Turkish, Chinese, Italian, French, and German.

Frankfurt is a financial center, a European city, a traffic hub, and the world’s miniature metropolis. When you think of Frankfurt, you think of the airport, the Paulskirche and Goethe, the Stock Exchange, the Book Fair, and the skyline. Without a doubt, Frankfurt brings together opposites. A cosmopolitan metropolis with international flare and home comfort. “Mainhattan” is the city’s nickname.

Why is Frankfurt a great place to live?

Frankfurt is thought to be more costly than other German cities. This, however, does not prevent its occupants from having fun. Wages are high, and the country has one of the lowest unemployment rates. In terms of entertainment, Frankfurt has everything from low-cost cocktail bars to high-end and exclusive tower pubs with some of the most incredible views in town.

While German is the primary language spoken in Frankfurt, many inhabitants are also competent in English. Furthermore, it is populated by many foreign expatriates, forming ex-pat communities that make it simpler for ex-pats to locate individuals with similar interests, speak the same language, and make friends.

Frankfurt is one of Germany’s major airports, making it very accessible. The airport has flights to many countries and states, and its airline is popular among corporations owing to its efficiency and low pricing. Furthermore, the airport is one of the world’s major financial hubs.

Frankfurt is home to several of Germany’s most significant institutions, which provide high-quality diplomas recognized globally. A high student population creates a diversified, dynamic, and enjoyable living environment.

Popular real estate websites in Frankfurt.

You can look up real estate agencies that can help you. You can type “real estate agency near Bockenheim district ” on Google Maps or any other map app. There you can find a list of relevant agencies that you can contact. You can also walk around a neighborhood and look for rental signs.

Be aware that you should pay an agency when they find an apartment for you, but it depends on the country.  

Facebook groups on finding an apartment in Frankfurt.

These are some groups I found about renting a flat around Frankfurt. I searched “Rent in Frankfurt” and “to buy a house in Frankfurt.” You can find more groups.

Flats,Apartments,Wohnung,WG for Rent/Mieten in Frankfurt am Main is about renting in some of Frankfurt neighborhoods. The Facebook page is private and it’s affordable, quick, and provides excellent exposure.

FRANKFURT 🇩🇪 – Rent a House, Villa, Apartment, Flat, Condo, Room, Dorm is another renting flat in Frankfurt.

Rooms/apartments for rent in Frankfurt is another Facebook group for rooms and roommates in Frankfurt.

The above image shows somewhere in Frankfurt. Photo by Hans Martin.


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