How to find an apartment in Romania?

To find an apartment in Romania you can start with Olx Romania, Storia, or Facebook groups in Romania.

When we search for an apartment in another country then we start our search on very easy websites. Same way while in Romania you can always take the help of the internet on how to find an apartment in Romania.

Finding an apartment is never easy as we have certain criteria set in our mind based on that we rent an apartment. We search for the apartment which is pre-decided in our mind for its type. The below-mentioned list will make your work easier to find an apartment.

Most of the linked resources below are in Romanian or English. So, if you need, use Google Translate, or any other translation service.

How to find an apartment in Romania?

If you plan to move to Romania for a long period then you need to either rent or buy an apartment. Which are the best rental sites to find an apartment in Romania?

For the apartment, we take the help of an agent who handles everything but it may not be easier.

Despite giving commission, we may not find the apartment but websites are helpful.

Olx Romania is a very popular website for classifieds in Romania. They have listings about apartments, houses, and rooms in Romania.

Storia is a very popular website to find apartments in Romania.

Imobiliare.ro is a popular website to find apartments in Romania.

HomeZZ.ro is the latest real estate ads: houses and apartments for sale and rent. Accommodation, studios, land for sale.

Magazinul de case is about real estate in Romania.

All the websites listed above will help you to search the properties for either the long term or short term. If you don’t know the Romanian language you can always use Google Translator.

These websites are for the Romanian market and not for foreigners so you may get cheap offers.

What is the room rent in Romania?

The cost differs in the cities of Romania based on the location and the facilities available.

Below are examples of room rents in the cities. 100 USD US Dollars are around 90 EUR, 7500 INR, or 650 CNY. 100 USD is also around 450 RON Romanian Leu.

Bucharest is around 500 USD for a central rent and around 325 USD for a rental outside the center.

Brasov 400 USD for a central rent and around 300 USD for a rental outside the center.

Sibiu 300 USD for a central rent and around 250 USD for a rental outside the center.

Constanta 425 USD for a central rent and around 275 USD for a rental outside the center.

Cluj-Napoca 450 USD for a central rent and around 325 USD for a rental outside the center.

Things to know about renting an apartment in Romania

  • The most important thing for signing a contract is to have a contract.
  • In Romania, landlords prefer to give on rent without contracts to avoid taxes.
  • Visit the apartment you are planning to rent and ask all the questions coming to your mind.
  • If possible even talk to a neighbor or an old person living in the same building.
  • They will help you with all the good and the bad things about the apartment and the surrounding areas.
  • The only problem you may face is they might not know English.
  • If possible sign the contract for 12 months with one month of rent paid in advance as a deposit.
  • If you rent through the agent you have to pay the commission depending on the property.
  • The usual commission rates are 50% of one month’s rent.
  • If utilities and other costs are not included you have to pay extra for everything.
  • That includes the charges of cable, electricity, water, and building maintenance.

Is Romania worth living in?

Romania has a low cost of living compared to other EU countries. People who decide to shift to live in Romania live a happier and more comfortable life. They have complete access to low-cost goods, affordable apartments, and transportation.

Contract for renting an apartment

  • There is no particular standard agreement in Romania. But, you can follow the basic model for it.
  • There must be the reference of the owner, tenant, and the description of the apartment you rent.
  • You need to check the payment type, duration of the contracts, and clause of cancellation.
  • It is advisable to make the payment by bank transfers and make sure the landlord’s account is there.
  • Make sure to record the details of the current index of the meters of hot & cold water, gas, and electricity.
  • If you are renting a furnished apartment make sure to mention the details. Which furniture and appliances the owner has provided in the apartment.
  • If you follow the advice while renting an apartment there are good chances that you may not get tricked.
  • Spend some time in the apartment and check everything before renting.
  • In Romania people usually take the count of the rooms in an apartment or a house and not the number of bedrooms.

Can foreigners rent property in Romania?

Yes, foreigners can rent or buy an apartment in Romania but it is depending on whether they are EU or Non-EU people.

EU citizens can own apartments, land, or houses like any other Romanian.

The process for an EU citizen is the same as that of a Romanian citizen.

Though when the paperwork is at the last stage they need to pay the translator to be with them.

Whether you know the Romanian language or not translator will be able to help you.

Non-EU citizens can own the property or land but through a Romanian company.

The fastest way to do so is to incorporate a limited liability company as a sole owner and buy the property. If you marry a Romanian or otherwise an EU citizen your spouse can buy the property in their name.

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    Est-il normal en Roumanie que le contrat (en projet) stipule que côté locataire , l’engagement est de un an sans possibilité de préavis pour rupture anticipée mais que côté propriétaire, celui-ci peut expulser à tout moment le locataire sans raison définie et sans préavis ?
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