How to get a job in Oman?

Oman is officially known as the Sultanate of Oman. It is the oldest independent state in the Arab world. Geographically it is located at a very interesting spot which is at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. For ex-pats, it is a suitable place to work and live as it shares a border with UAE, Saudia Arabia, and Yamen. Oman has changed the most in the world in terms of growth over the last 40 years. Tourism and the trade of fish, dates, and other agricultural products account for a large portion of the economy. Oman has a high-income economy and according to the Global Peace Index, it ranks as the 69th most peaceful country in the world.

If you are skilled then Oman has many opportunities for you as the country is growing rapidly. Hence, there is a need for skilled labor in Oman. Please note that as an ex-pat you cannot work on visitor visas in Oman.

In case you have a job offer from an Omani organization, then they will usually help you with your relocation, visa requirements, and accommodation. It’s crucial to double-check this information before making your move.

How to get a job in Oman?

Oman’s constant growth necessitates the hiring of professional foreign workers in a variety of fields. Construction, teaching, healthcare, and the oil and natural gas industries are all good places to look for work. If you want to work in Oman, you should get a job offer before you go, because it will be more difficult to find work if you don’t have one. For finding a job you can take help from:

  • Recruitment Agencies 
  • Online Job Portals
  • Networking 
  • Newspaper

Recruitment Agencies in Oman:

In Oman, recruitment consultants or agents play an important role in placing jobs in a variety of occupations.

Recruitment agencies in Oman are sometimes used to place expatriates in temporary employment, and they are particularly common among expatriate spouses looking for part-time work. Local agents can assist expatriates who are changing jobs within Oman, but since most foreigners come on a contract basis, these agencies usually target Omani nationals. The majority of expatriate business is generated by employees who are approaching the end of their employment contracts, according to local recruiters and employment agencies.

Consider it a big red flag if the recruiting firm charges you a premium for their services. Legitimate companies are compensated by the recruiting firm, not by the applicants they place. Even if they find you a job, avoid signing any contracts that require you to pay a fee.

Alliance Recruitment Agency:

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a multinational hiring, staffing, HR services, and placement company serving companies, start-ups, and firms in the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and India.

Randstad Middle East: 

Randstad is the global leader in the HR services industry. By serving as a trusted human partner in today’s technology-driven world of talent, we help people secure rewarding jobs and stay relevant in the ever-changing world of work. Randstad was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands.

Online Job Portals

We have provided a list of online job portals that can ease the process of job finding for you.


It is the most used website to find the latest jobs available in the middle east nowadays.  It has a number of jobs opportunity in almost every sector. It has work from home jobs as well. You can create a CV also on this site. Or, you can read the blogs about the jobs and some tips on how to ace an interview.

Tanqeeb Oman:

Tanqeeb.com is the Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) largest job search engine. It compiles job listings from all major job boards, businesses, and newspapers into a single search page.

Indeed Oman: 

Indeed is an international job website but it is also one of the most visited job sites in Oman.

Naukrigulf :

It is one of the most visited job sites in Oman, it focuses on jobs in Oman, Qatar,  UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.


GulfTalent is the Middle East’s leading online recruitment portal. It is the main source of both local and international talent.

Wisdom Jobs Gulf:

One of the best job search sites in the Gulf is Wisdomjobsgulf.com. It is the first career platform focused on ability assessments that provide free skill testing to job seekers.

Best Industries in Oman to Work

Oil and gas refinery, construction, industry (cement, steel, chemical production), are some of the major industries in Oman. As oil reserves decline, the country has made a concerted effort to diversify its economy. Oman has created incentives for some types of companies to set up shops in the country by establishing a number of economic free trade zones. Agriculture, pastoralism (camels, goats, and sheep), tourism, fishing, and infrastructure construction are among the other industries.

Can you work part-time in Oman?

Part-time work is available in Oman, but since it is provided in the form of relatively low-skilled positions (bar work, basic secretarial jobs, driving and courier services), the government is unlikely to issue work permits or work visas to foreigners who have arrived solely to seek part-time work.

What is it like to work as a woman in Oman?

Oman is steeped in traditional Islamic traditions, which means men are still viewed as breadwinners and caregivers, while women are viewed as housewives. Western workers, on the other hand, have acted as catalysts for a new women’s job culture.

Arab women have historically worked in fields like teaching and nursing, but as more foreign women have arrived in Oman, opportunities in hotel management and the airline industry have opened up, as well as traditionally male-dominated fields like business management and advertising.

Finding a job is not an easy task but if you try these things and you have skills then you can get a job easily. You can also try to make your network strong by joining Facebook groups and connecting to people through LinkedIn. If you are a fresher first try to get an internship rather than a job.

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  1. Eko Agung Witjaksono

    Saya ingin menjadi orang kepercayaan untuk membantu apa saja (misalnya sebagai executive assistant) bagi businessman di Oman. Bagaimana cara mencari informasinya?
    Usia saya 58 tahun. Saya experienced person dengan berbagi backgroud.
    Saya ready dengan Resume / CV. Ada beberapa versi.
    Terima kasih.

    1. আমি ওমানে কাজের ভিসায় জেতে চাই,কি কি কাজ আছে, আর কত টাকা লাগবে, আর কত টাকা সেলারী ধরবে, কত ঘন্টা কাজ করব,ওভার টাইম আছে কি, আমি গরিব ঘড়ের সন্তান

  2. Je suis un Jeune ivoirien et je suis interesse a votre structure d’immigrations. Et je cherche a rentre dans ce pays.

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    sidee lagu soo booqan karaa oman waxaan joogaa wadanka sacuudi sharcina waan leeyahay


    ওমানে এমন কোন চাকরি প্রদানকারী সংস্থা আছে কি?
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