How to get a job in Russia?

Russia has diverse job opportunities, and often the best-paid professionals are the expatriates. Expats employed in Russia are ranked 13th in the list of top gross income earners in 2014.  All foreign nationals who want to work in Russia must have a work permit. Federal Migration Service issues work permits that you must be needed. Here is a brief description of How to Search for a Job in Russia.

Most foreigners need a full work visa to take a job in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but there are some exceptions:

  • Those people who have a permanent residence permit do not need a work permit.
  • Those who are working temporarily for a foreign country.
  •  Or you are often traveling outside the country. However, a business Visa enables foreigners to work in Russia for up to 90 days.
  • Those persons employed in diplomatic missions, consular institutions. 
  • Media representatives accredited in the country.
  • Those people were invited to the country to teach in educational institutions. These kinds of people need a full work visa in Russia. 

How to get a job in Russia?

In these beautiful Russian cities, people usually find works through Russian job websites. English-speaking jobs in Moscow are teaching English and translation work. It should be remembered, however, that a smooth workflow is not always guaranteed. English teachers should look at BKC International and English First.


The site has more than eighteen-million visitors per month. It is a popular website in Russia for job search. There are many vacancies available for English speakers right now. Some vacancies need other language speakers also includes French, German, etc.

Super job 

This is a less-popular website with no English need or next to none English-speaking jobs. But, if you know the Russian language, you can find work here.


 This is the leading Russian social network. If you show your creativity in your search, you can find some beautiful jobs in your native language. Search for those groups in your native language. 

If you’d want to teach a language, you can write to the group owner to put your ad post on the wall.

There are three primary forms of work contracts in the Russian Labor Code:
  • Employment Contract with Free Text-
The most existing contract with no exact duration period, but it does include the termination clause.
  • Job Contract with Definite Duration-
the contract is valid for up to five years and is only completed when a temporary employee is given a permanent warranty.
  • Seasonal Work Employment Agreement is only valid for two months.

Process for applying for a job in  Russia:

 The process of applying for a job permit is different for people of CIS countries. The latter allows applying for the permit in your home country and is valid for three years. But, to qualify, you have the least 2 million annual salary. When applying for the Work Permit in Russia, the process is as follows:

The government department sends permission to an employer to request the work permit. Afterward, submits an application to the Federal Migration Service with the documents:

  • An application form completed in Russian.
  • One-color passport photo
  • Passport
  • Medical certification that proves that foreign workers are not a drug addict 
  •  Does not have HIV or any other disease
  • Receipt of the application fee.

Jobs in Russia

Russia is the largest country with many job fields ready to get a hand from foreign specialists. Let’s find a job in Russia, in the most popular sectors:

Companies that are aimed at teaching the English language in Moscow and St. Petersburg:

Russia Oil and Gas Jobs 

  • As Russia is the biggest exporter of oil and gas, there are many opportunities to find a job in this sector. Check the current vacancies in this field.

Farm Manager Jobs in Russia 

  • This isn’t a popular job field for foreigners as it requires strong Russian language skills. Yet, it provides a low salary. You can search for work in this field on HeadHunter.

Nanny Jobs in Russia 

  • This kind of job isn’t well-paid. Many times native Russian speakers are preferred over foreigners. However, there aren’t a lot of JOBS in this field. You can still check out on Expat.

Russia Hotel Jobs 

  • As all hotel jobs are for Russians and an outsider both. But, you’ll need to have strong Russian-speaking skills. 


Managers for Field Engineering

  • Woodland Services for Consultancy
  • Russian Federation, Europe
  • Negotiable
  • Woodland Services for Consultancy
  • Contratum
  • Verify the FitScore


  • The onshore and offshore oil & gas industry should have at least ten years of experience working at a Field Engineering Manager level.
  • Prior LNG project expertise should be given.
  • In the Oil & Gas/LNG sector, modular framework PAR and PAU must be encountered.
  • They should have clear English.
  • Russia’s linguistic abilities are a bonus.
  • Apply now

Design Automation Engineer (Knowledge-Based Engineer)

  • NY – New York, the U.S.
    Annum Record
  • The Business at Highfield
  • Permanent
  • Verify the FitScore

Necessary experience/ knowledge:

  • 8+ years of Design Automation experience.
  • Competent in B.S. In Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, or Informatics.
  • Experience in a related field, with a preference for rotating machines and turbomachinery. Industrial, aerospace, transportation, and construction machinery are other industries.
  • CAD or commodity modeling framework experience, including PTC/Creo parameter/relations-based modeling, equation-based modeling from Dassault Systems SolidWorks, or similar software.
  • Microsoft.NET (C#, VB.NET, C++), Java, Python, MS VBA, or related programming languages have been praised for programming technology.
  • Have an eye for technologies for user interfaces
  • Apply Now

Graduate Analyst/Engineer

Wallingford, The Severalls (OX10), OX10 8BBB, OX10

  • UK ISL
  • £ 26000 – £ 30000 per annum + health and life insurance, operating remotely
  • Permanent
  • Verify the FitScore

This is far from a ‘bum-in-seats’ office job; with multinational customers in the maritime sector, you will be at the center of the ongoing creation of ship navigation modeling and ship mooring consulting studies. You will do many data processing and statistical data modeling and liaise with customers and project teams, dealing with software and hardware for the ship simulator and wave generation.

For foreigners

Many wealthy families in Russia are keen on learning a second language for their children from a young age. English is once again in high demand, as it is the language of international business. If you are interested in working as an Au-pair, contact Bonne International in Moscow.

Work in Russia for foreigners

Part-time jobs

It has become common in recent years to look for work in another country than you live in. The Good Care Association is also on the hunt for potential recruits in the UK care industry. As a cross-border traveler, you enjoy living in your home country and working in another. Even living in-house means that you are part of a close-knit team and make a real difference for those who need it. You get an unrivaled career package including:
  • paid annual leave
  • support for workers 24/7 and flexible rota schedules,
  • maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Source: www.russianpod101.com, www.expatica.com


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