How to get a tourist visa for Malaysia?

Malaysia has strict guidelines about who is permitted to enter the country and how long. Some foreign nationals can go to Malaysia for brief durations without needing a visa. Others must first apply for a Malaysia tourist visa to do so.
A Malaysia visa must be applied for before entering their borders. Before traveling to Malaysia, you need to know how to get a tourist visa for Malaysia. 
There are additional authorizations required in addition to a tourist visa for Malaysia. At the Malaysian point of entry, an immigration officer will issue you a Short Term Social Visit Pass.

How to get a tourist visa for Malaysia?

There are two methods for requesting a visa—One via the Malaysian Representative office in the nation where you now reside. Visit the Malaysian Immigration Department’s official website. The second option is an online-applied e-visa that allows you to pay for things online.

  • Single Entry Visa: 

That means you can only use it once to enter the country. Travel visas with multiple entries and a longer validity term are not issued.

  • Visa Without Reference:

This means you don’t need permission from Malaysia’s Immigration Department. It was handed to you by the Malaysian Representative when you filed your application.

  • You are only allowed to visit Malaysia because it is a pre-entry requirement for the country. It does not guarantee that you will visit Malaysia.
Immigration officers decide whether a foreigner is eligible to enter Malaysia. An immigration officer at the point of entry will determine whether you are permitted to enter, regardless of whether they require a visa or their stated purpose of travel.
Depending on the reason for your travel, you may be given a Pass (i.e., a passport stamp) if they deem you appropriate. If you are visiting Malaysia, you will be handed a Short Term Social Visit Pass as your Malaysia Pass.

What is a Malaysia tourist visa?

A Malaysian Tourist Visa is an official document or stamp that allows foreign nationals to enter Malaysia for leisure and tourism purposes. The visitor’s visa is another name for the tourist visa. The duration of a Malaysian tourist visa is three months, making it a temporary visa.

A Pass will be provided to visitors by the immigration officer at the entry checkpoints. You can enter the city and stay there for a specific amount of time with a Malaysia Pass, which is an endorsement in your passport.

This kind of visa might be viewed as a prerequisite for entry. To enter Malaysia, you must obtain the immigration officer’s approval.

As a US citizen, you do not require a visa to enter Malaysia; you can travel there with a valid passport and will be given a social pass upon arrival.

Tourist Visa Required:

  • Passport with a validity of 6 months on arrival
  • Financial proof of $10,000 or equivalent
  • Holding a travel document issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services must apply for a visa before entering Malaysia
Visit the Malaysian Immigration Department’s official website for more information.
  • Travel Document:
Travelers with a Travel Document issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. (USCIS) must apply for a visa before visiting Malaysia.


Getting Information About Visas

A visa can be obtained in one of two ways:

  1. Through a Malaysian Representative Office in your home nation. For further information, go to the Malaysian Immigration Department’s official website.
  2. e-visa is a service that allows you to pay for things online.

What exactly is an e-visa?

Online visas are easily accessible through e-Visa. Issuing foreign nationals electronic visas streamlines the visa application process.

Who is eligible to apply for an e-visa?

Applicants must be nationals of one of the countries listed below:


  • China
  • India
  • Sri Lanka is a country in South Asia.
  • Nepal
  • Myanmar
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Bhutan
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro

Where Can I Submit My Application?

Except for Malaysia and Singapore, you can apply for an e-visa from anywhere in the world.

Note: As new nations are added in phases, the list of countries will grow.

e-visas: How long do they last?

This is mainly determined by the sort of e-visa you possess. e-visa holders can only stay in Malaysia for 30 days per entrance.

How can I apply for an e-Visa?

  • The first step is to apply to Immigration Imigresen Malaysia applicants and then select “I’m New” to begin the application process.
  • Registered users can select the “Returning User” option to log in to their previously made account.
  • Applicants need to follow the steps mentioned on the site to file for the application.

What Is The Processing Time For My Malaysian eVisa?

Your Malaysian e-visa application will be handled within 48 hours after submission.

Assume, however, that there are any issues with the online application system, such as crashes or maintenance. The processing time may be prolonged in this scenario.

If your visa is accepted, you will be notified via email. You can print the ticket on A4 paper and bring it to Malaysia. Although the Immigration Officers will get a digital version (on your phone or laptop), I recommend printing it.

What Documents Are Required for an e-visa Application?

To submit your application, you must scan and upload the following documents:

  1. You must submit two copies of your completed Malaysia visa application form.
  2. A current passport. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after entering Malaysia.
  3. The Malaysian picture requirements are two passport-size photos of yourself.
  4. A genuine and valid return flight ticket.
  5. Hotel reservations or proof of lodging in Malaysia.
  6. Invitation letter from your host or sponsor (only if you are going for a social visit).
  7. Letter of No Objection from your educational institution or employer.
  8. Bank statements demonstrate that you have enough funds to cover the costs of your trip.
  9. You must prove that you paid the Malaysian Visa cost (payslip).
  10. If you are traveling from or visiting a place where yellow fever is spread, you must have a vaccination certificate.
  11. Minors’ birth certificates are required.

The Malaysian Embassy may require more paperwork.

How will I be contacted?

An email will be used to contact you. It is recommended that you check your inbox frequently.

What Documents Are Required at Malaysian Entry Checkpoints?

The following documents will be required of you:

  • Take a print of your e-visa.
  • Proof of adequate finances (cash, traveler’s checks, debit, or credit card(s).
  • A genuine and valid return ticket.
  • Proof of lodging is required.

Malaysia charges a single entry visa fee of RM 20 (Malaysian Ringgit). Or a Multiple Entry Visa and a Transit Visa. When converted, RM 20 is about equivalent to $4.7 or €4.25

How Long is a Malaysia Tourist Visa Valid?

A Malaysian tourist visa (including the e-visa) is suitable for a single entrance and the largest of three months. But, you are limited to a 30-day stay in Malaysia. The immigration officer at the Malaysian point of entry determines how long you can stay.
A single entry visa is only suitable for 15 days, and you can’t get another one unless three months have passed since the end of the one you have now.
A tourist visa for Malaysia cannot be extended. You can apply for a multiple entry visa, which is given out for official and business reasons. If you need to stay in Malaysia for extended periods, you must amend your visa status with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Immigration Department.

The above image shows somewhere in Malaysia. Photo by Ravin Rau


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