How to get a work visa for Canada?

To get a work visa for Canada requires finding a job, gathering documents, applying, attending an interview, waiting for a decision, and registering upon arrival. You can successfully navigate the process and start your new life in Canada with proper preparation and planning.

To apply for a work visa in Canada, you must apply for a work permit from the Government of Canada to be legally employed in Canada. Canadian citizens and permanent residents can work in Canada without a work permit or visa.

How to get a work visa for Canada?

To get a work visa for Canada, you can start with the Government of Canada to apply for a work visa in Canada. This website will provide information on the different types of work visas available, eligibility requirements, and how to apply. 

There are two methods for getting a work permit in Canada:

Using Temporary Work Visas;
Permanent and immigrant work visas;

The first category of visas allows you to work in Canada as a temporary worker for up to six months, while the second category is for those who have found acceptable employment and are moving to Canada.

So, if you’re interested in starting your career in Canada, read on How to get a job in Canada? This a quick guide for everyone, foreigners and Canadians.

Types of Work Permits in Canada.

If you want to work in Canada, various work visas may suit your case. The following are some of the most prevalent forms of work visas:

Temporary Work Permits: These permits allow foreign workers to work legally in Canada for a specific period.

Open Work Permit in Canada: allows a foreign worker to work for any Canadian employer except those listed as ineligible on the non-compliant employer list.

International Mobility Program (IMP): This program allows foreign workers to work in Canada without needing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) if they meet specific criteria.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): PNPs allow provinces and territories in Canada to nominate foreign workers with specific skills and experience for permanent residence.

Express Entry: Express Entry is an online system used by the Canadian government to manage applications for permanent residency from skilled workers.

Intra-Company Transfers: This type of work visa allows companies to transfer employees from one country to another, such as from their home country to Canada.

NAFTA Work Permits: Citizens of Canada, the United States, and Mexico can apply for a work permit under NAFTA to work in each other’s countries.

How to apply for a Canadian work permit?

To apply for a work permit in Canada, you can do it online from inside or outside or at a port of entry when you arrive. It’s essential to review the specific requirements for your situation before submitting your application.

E-Visa Immigration has a specialized team of visa professionals that can assist you from the beginning of the application process to receiving your visa.

To obtain a temporary work visa in Canada, you can follow these steps:

Determine if you need a work permit.

Find a Canadian employer who will offer you a job.

Apply for a work permit and submit the required documents.

Find out if you qualify for two-week processing.

Change or extend your work permit.

Examine processing times.

Boost your standing.

Get a new visiting visa from within Canada.

Wait for a decision on your application.

Foreign workers can apply for a Canadian work permit without a job offer through programs like the International Mobility Program or Global Talent Stream.

Who may get a work permit in Canada?

You can only apply for a work visa from within Canada as a candidate if you match the following criteria:

Possess a current study or work permit.

Your spouse, common-law partner, or parents have a valid study or work permit; you are eligible for a post-graduation work permit, and your study permit is still valid.

If you hold a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) valid for six months or more, you may be eligible to work in Canada.

Alternatively, if you have applied for permanent residence from within Canada and are awaiting a decision, you may also be able to work.

Refugees who fall under categories such as traders, investors, francophones, entrepreneurs, and intra-company transferees (CUSMA) may have the option to work in Canada.

What credentials do I need to work in Canada?

Unless you are exempt from this requirement to work in Canada, you will generally need a valid work permit. Work permit requirements in Canada vary based on factors such as citizenship, type of work, and other factors.

You will need a job offer from a Canadian employer and meet specific eligibility criteria, such as possessing the necessary skills and qualifications. You may also need to undergo a medical examination and provide other documentation as part of the application process.

It’s essential to review the requirements carefully and follow the appropriate steps to obtain a work permit before starting work in Canada.

What is the cost of a work visa in Canada?

The cost of a work visa in Canada can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of work permit, the applicant’s country of origin, and the length of time the applicant plans to stay in Canada.

As of April 2023, the base fee for a work permit application is CAD 155. However, additional fees may apply for biometrics (CAD  85), medical exams, and police certificates, among other things.

However, it is important to note that fees for a Canadian work visa are subject to change. Therefore, applicants should always refer to the Government of Canada for the most up-to-date fee information.

Sources: Government of Canada

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