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How to move to Canada from India? Migrate to Canada

When you are planning to relocate from India then Canada should be your top most choice. It is not only beautiful in terms of landscape and scenic beauty, Canada is a country of beautiful people as well who are highly warm and accepting of the foreigners. Lenient Immigration laws and friendly policies have made it one of the top most locations in the world to settle. Further, with employment opportunities for almost all the professions, Canada has become the land of individual and professional growth where opportunities are rampant. While still being considered a developed nation, Canada has welcomed skilled immigrants from around the world and given not just lucrative jobs but also an enhanced standard of living.

How to move to Canada from India?

The large and ever-growing economy of the North American nation ensures that there is a consistent need for skilled migrants who can expect an array of benefits derived as citizens of the country.

Reasons to move to Canada from India

Immigrating to Canada has become relatively easier than before as Canada government has invited 3,500 applicants more this year and it is speculated that by the year 2020 Canada government is looking out to invite 1,82,000 skilled labour force to Canada. Few reasons why a lot of people are immigrating to Canada are:

  • It offers lenient immigration laws
  • low crime rate.
  • It has a beautiful infrastructure
  • growth opportunities for almost every profession

Requirements for moving to Canada from India

The best way of migrating to Canada from India is by acquiring a Permanent Residency (PR) Status which is valid for a period of five years and is a family visa. The benefits of PR status are very similar to the full citizen rights of Canada. Canada as a nation is always looking for skilled labour force so that the immigrants can contribute holistically in the economy of the country. Further, the most important requirement for migrating to Canada in this regard is that the candidate should meet the eligibility criteria proposed by the IRCC. The following paragraph will elaborate on the requirements.

Am I eligible to move to Canada from India?

The eligibility for Canada Immigration is calculated by measuring the quantum of personal information whether it is for Express Entry Program or Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). However, in the case of Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) the requirements are different for different provinces. Some of the basic requirements are:

  • Age– If you are between the age of 24 to 35 then you are eligible for maximum points.
  • Language Proficiency – The language proficiency of the Candidate is tested through IELTS and CLB examination. In IELTS scoring a high band allots you with more points. It will work in your advantage if minimum of 6 band is maintained in each category of reading, speaking and writing.
  • Education– Higher education allots more points to a candidate. However, your degree should be from a recognized university so that your education status can be calculated at par with the Canadian examination board.
  • Work Experience – Canada is always on the lookout for skilled candidates thus having work experience especially in a field of high demand at a particular province can work positively in your advantage.
  • Adaptability– If there is some sibling of the candidate staying in Canada then the candidate is eligible for higher points.

After meeting the minimum point requirement which is set by the IRCC by Express Entry Draws the candidate receives ITA (Invitation to Apply)

Step-by-step guide for immigration

In order to apply to Canada for a Permanent Residency (PR) status there are series of steps which you should follow:

  • Hire a reputable and good consultancy firm which has a good track record and offers assured results
  • Undertake the IELTS examination to establish your language proficiency
  • Undertake the Pre – assessment of your candidature with the help of you Immigration Consultants
  • Start your application Process – through Express Entry Program or Provincial Nominee Program
  • Complete the documentation process – Education and work experience documents authentication is required
  • Get ready with your proof of funds to ensure that you are capable of surviving in Canada
  • Be ready with Medical Checkup and Police verification record
  • Get ready for filing your Visa application
  • Prepare for your departure to Canada

What are the documents required for shifting to Canada?

Exact documents that will be asked will depend on your candidature and profile. But, enclosed below is a tentative list of documents which is definitely required.

  • IELTS examination result to establish your language proficiency
  • Educational documents – degrees and certificates
  • Work experience documents – authentication is required
  • Get ready with your proof of funds to ensure that you are capable of surviving in Canada
  • Be ready with Medical Checkup
  • Police verification record
  • Passport
  • Photographs

source: visasavenue


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