How to study in India?

Planning to study in India? Here is everything you need to know about the study in India. First, of all, it is one of the best countries to study. As we should not forget it has given 0 to the world. Einstein has said:

“We owe a lot to the Indians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”.  

If you are planning for going to India for higher education. Then this article can help you to understand the Indian higher education system. You can get many reasons to pursue higher education from India.
One of them is a low fee. Also, it’s not only the cheaper higher education. But also the quality of education that attracts many international students. Also, there are several good educational institutes in India. There are some highly ranked institutes in India. Like Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) 2nd in the world after MIT. 

How to study in India?

So, let’s see the whole education system in India. The Indian education system is divided into three parts: 

  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Higher Education

All the stages of education combined can take a minimum of 16 years. Primary education can take up to eight to complete. Then comes Secondary education and it lasts for four years. Finally comes higher education is for four years. But again it depends on your field of higher education as some fields as Law and Medical can take some more year. 

Primary Education System in India

The Primary Indian education system starts with the Nursery. After that starts primary school (class 1 to class 5 ). All the schools are mostly five days a week. The admissions generally start at the end of March. Summer vacations generally start at the end of May and it generally is a 45 days break. 

Secondary Education System 

The secondary education generally starts after ones complete the primary education. It takes four years to complete the secondary education that is from Class 6 to Class 10. There are some new subjects added in secondary classes. There are many boards in India. Some of them are CBSE, State Board and ICSE. So, you can choose any of them that you find is good for your child. After secondary education students get the choice to choose the different streams. They study the streams they choose for two more years. After that, they have to give some entrance exams to get admission into top colleges

Higher Education System 

As mentioned above students have to give some entrance exam to get into top colleges. But, somehow the exams are too competitive and the seats are fewer in these top colleges. Although you can still take admission into some good private colleges. But they may have higher fees. Also, according to educations.com, there are approximately 20,000 colleges in India. With approx 42 central universities, 275 State universities and 93 National Institutes. 

Brief Guide On Indian Higher Education

Letus see how can an International student proceed to study in India. First of all, there are several courses that you can pick. Also, International students can apply for any course. Whether it is medical, engineering or arts courses. There are some reserved seats for International students. Also, there are many scholarships and fellowships programs for international students. These programs are to encourage the students to perform better. Also, you can find students from different part of the world. This will give you a culture explorer.

Medical colleges in India

You can either take the medical entrance test. Or choose the correct course or get enrolled in a proper institute for studying medicine. According to your ranking in the test, you will get the college. Listed below are the names of some of the prominent medical institutes of the country.

Engineering Colleges in India

Engineering is one of the most sought after career option that paves the way for a brighter future. Since India is in a developing phase hence the need for skilled is also increasing.

  • School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

Management Colleges in India:

There are excellent Management Colleges in India. In these colleges, you can get Management education par excellence. You can gain an edge over others by enrolling yourself in any of the top colleges listed below. 


Almost every university in India has accommodation facilities for all its students. International students can also book their accommodation. After confirmed admission into their desired University. In comparison to many other countries, accommodation at Indian universities is cheap. Living cost varies from place to place depending upon the university and the city. Students also have the option of working part-time along with their studies. Part-time jobs available are the same as in other countries. It ranges from – cafés and shop work to marketing and promotional activities. For more informaton see Educations study in India


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