Immigration sites in India

Some useful immigration sites in India are Indianvisaonline.gov.in, Indeed India, or Help UNHCR on India.

The most useful websites about travel and immigration to India are listed below.

India is a huge place, and many things are not online yet, so walk around and discover what can be fun and or useful.

Most websites linked in this article are in English or Hindi. If you need, use Google Translate, Tarjimly, or any other translation app.


The tourist visa policy of India is open to many countries in the world. You can easily apply online for an e-visa to stay in India.

Indianvisaonline.gov.in is the official e-visa webiste for India.

Travel and transportation

India has an extensive transportation network. You can book some of your transportation online, but you can also ask around you to find good travel solutions. Some useful websites for transportation and travel in India are the following.

Indian Railways

Make My Trip

RedBus India

Tripadvisor India


For food, you can look around yourself when you are in India. Street food is everywhere.

You can get free food in mosques, temples,s and churches all around India.

You can also find a food shelter around you.

Use Google Maps to find food around you.

Money and banks

You can find a good bank near you using Google Maps or any other Map App.

Good money transfer services that work in India are the following.


The most popular job websites in India are the following.

Apna app is a popular job app in India. Install it and fill out your profile. Find a job that interests you and use the app to contact a new employer.

Naukri.com is one of the most popular job websites in India. You can search for many jobs in India.

Indeed India is a very popular job website to find the next step in your career. It has tools for job searches, resumes, company reviews, and more.

Glassdoor in India is a job website. And you can find information about salaries and career paths in India and abroad.

FreeJobAlert.Com is another very popular job website in India. It focuses on government jobs.

InternShala is a popular portal to find an internship in India.


You can find accommodation and housing in India using these useful popular websites.


School, education, and universities

You can look for a good school around you using Google Maps or any other map app you like.

Career Power is a popular learning platform to prepare for Exams in India. You can prepare for exams for banks, SSC, railways, Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), NEET, JEE, school, teaching, law, and other government jobs in India.

Hospitals and healthcare

Healthcare in India is free and universal for everyone living in India.

To find a hospital in India, you can search on Google Maps or any map app you like. I typed “Hospitals in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India” into Google Maps, and below, I show the result.

Asylum and refugees

You cannot officially apply for asylum in India. But you can seek international protection with the United Nations Agency for Refugees (UNHCR).

You can look for more information on Help UNHCR on India.


You can find free food in mosques, temples, and churches all around India. You can use Google Maps. or any other mapping app to find religious institutions near you in India that can support you.



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