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How to get a Kenya visa for Indians?

Kenya is an African country known for its safari parks, but the government has a lot more to offer, such as coral reefs and beaches. Also known as the Republic of Kenya, Kenya is named after Mount Kenya, Kenya’s peak.

As an Indian citizen, if you connect via Kenya and don’t plan to remain in the country for more than 72 hours, you need a Kenya Transit visa. However, you are not expected to apply for such a document if you do not wish to leave the airport.

How to get a Kenya visa for Indians?

The Kenya visa is compulsory for admission to the Republic of Kenya. The visa types that are issued by the Kenyan Embassy are listed below.

Kenya Single Entry Visa

Indian travelers wishing to remain in Kenya for a limited period are granted a single entry visa. The Single Entry Visa can only be used once—Indians who travel to Kenya for business or medical purposes or tourism purposes. The object of his visit needs to be mentioned by the applicant. The single-entry visas are the Kenya visitor visa and the Kenya employment visa. If it is for tourism purposes or work purposes, the applicant must decide the intent.

Kenya Multiple Entry Visa

Multiple entry visas are for Indian travelers who frequently need to fly to Kenya. Business people are eligible for multiple entry visas as they need to go for trade purposes worldwide.

 Kenya’s Travel Visa

A transit visa is a temporary visa granted to an Indian traveler when he/she needs to stop in Kenya to reach his / her destination. For industry, tourism, or medical purposes, transit visas are not issued to people who wish to remain in Kenya. A single-use permit is a travel visa. Transit visas are valid for three days.

Kenya Diplomatic Visa 

Diplomatic visas for diplomats are granted. Diplomats are international or Indian citizens with a diplomatic passport who have to fly to Kenya to fulfill their official duties. The members of a specific nation are diplomatic passport holders.

Kenya Business Visa

The Service Visa is a visa for people from abroad or India who do not have a diplomatic passport but a service passport. A service passport is for employees of the government who travel to Kenya for work.

What are the criteria for the people of India?

This online application process can be less demanding than going to an embassy, but a few documents will need to be completed. You should have no problem with the operation, however. Bear in mind that, if you want a transit visa, these documents are probably the same:

  • A valid passport for six months
  • A search of your website with passport details
  • Photo Wireless Passport
  • Flight Ticket Return
  • Evidence of lodging
  • Itinerary for Flight
  • Email Address
  • Payment Means

How long does the procedure take, and how much does it cost to receive the Kenyan Electronic Visa?

Your Kenyan eVisa’s total price will depend on how fast you want it to go. We have some alternatives, so keep in mind that the cost of your Kenya visa is determined by the choice you select. These prices are also known to be eVisa prices, not transit visas, although they estimate the overall cost of a transit visa. You can vote for one of the choices below:

  • Standard (5 Business Days) processing-USD 93.00.
  • 2 Business Days (Rush Processing) -USD 123.00.
  • Processing Mega Rush (5 hours) -USD 158.00.

How do Indian people apply for this assessment?

You will continue to fill in the application form after finding that you have all that is required. 

Three quick steps you need to move through.

  1. The first will require that you include your personal details, such as your name, address, passport information, date of birth, etc. The form also asks you to pick a processing period at this stage, but you need to note that the cost of your Kenya Transit visa is decided by your selection. Note that we will not give you the prices for each option because the transit visa is not yet available, except for the ones shown before, which will help you get an idea. However, we can guarantee that competitive fees are certified by Visa.
  2. The second stage requires you to make the payment and review the request form. It is utterly critical that there are no typos in your document. You would obtain an expired visa otherwise, and that only requires you to repeat the procedure. Plus, once the application hits the processing stage, corrections are challenging to produce.
  3. Finally, the third process is all about uploading papers. The application requires supporting documentation to be submitted. This move, for example, will require you to search the information page for your passport. 

When you are done with the last move, all you have to do is submit your request and wait. 

The bottom line is that it will be easy to obtain a Kenya Transit visa for Indian people once it goes online. Your efforts will be small, and every step of the way.

Additional Kenya Diplomatic and Service Visa Documents-

A submission must be made to the Consular Office of the Republic of Indonesia by the applicant. With the proposal, the applicant must attach a diplomatic notice. The notice must come from an official agency or mission or an international organization.

For all diplomatic and service visas, whether for quick visits or assignments, the note must contain the following information from the applicant:

  • Name and birth date;
  • Title and Position;
  • Location of the place of visit;
  • Travel Purpose;
  • A short overview of responsibilities;
  • The date for travel;
  • Duration of stay anticipated; and
  • The names, relationships, birth dates, and travel dates of the participants undertaking the trip.

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