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Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin. Also, it is the fifth-largest city in the Midwestern the United StatesThe Milwaukee Wisconsin is full of diverse communities and a vibrant music scene. It is a perfect destination for travelling. It’s also a great spot to sample those top-notch beers, with a growing brewing scene. Milwaukee’s beer consists of one major brewery and dozens of microbreweries. It is home to several iconic beer brands from a variety of brewers. Milwaukee is nationally recognized with the nickname “Brew City”. Now it has completed more than two centuries of brewing.

The city has been home to more than 70 breweries and over 100 brewing companies. Today Milwaukee is the largest beer producing city. It produces 10 million barrels of beer annually. 

Here is a selection of some of the town ‘s best microbreweries.


Some good breweries in Milwaukee:

Lakefront Brewery

Milwaukee Brewery
Lakefront Brewery


Lakefront Brewery is on the right side of the beautiful Milwaukee River. They started with a simple home-brewing book. Now, they are producing over 33 thousand barrels of beer annually. 

It is the country’s first certified organic brewery (Organic E.S.B.) producing company. Their beers such as New Grist are gluten-free. Lakefront has gain popularity in the United States and over 80,000 people visit here each year. 

Lakefront Brewery is rated 4 in the nation by TripAdvisor. The tour is guided in a very interesting manner as it does not include the typical brewery tour format.

It is, funnily enough, to remember how beer is made. The tour is of only $7. It includes a guided tour of the brewery with four full beers and a take-home beer glass.

Drinks You Must Try Here:
They have a long list of innovations. However, some of their best innovation that you must try are:
Fruit & Pumpkin Beers
Milwaukee Brewery
Pumpkin Large

Lakefront was the country’s second brewery company to produce a Pumpkin Beer. However, it was the first in the nation to bottle a fruit beer since prohibition. Pumpkin Lager is one of the most popular seasonal beer at the Lakefront. It has an amazing flavour of real pumpkin, spice and caramel malts.

Organic Beer
Milwaukee Brewery
organic beer

In 1996 Lakefront became the first certified organic brewery in the USA. The organic beer is always made with 100% organic malt and 100% organic hops.

More Details: 
Google Rating: 4.7
Online Menu:urbanspoon.com
Website: lakefrontbrewery.com
Location: Lakefront Brewery, 1872 N Commerce St, Milwaukee, WI, US

Sprecher Brewery

Milwaukee Brewery
Sprecher Brewing Company

The line of operation of the firm involves the manufacture of malt drinks, such as beer and liquors. It is successfully producing breweries for over 35 years. Sprecher focuses on innovation while keeping the true flavour of the beer alive. They use the Europen traditional process for brewing. The traditional brewing style results in a variety of German, English, and Irish beers. 


Book brewery tour

Visitor can take paid brewery tour in the Sprecher. The tour of the brewery starts from there gift shop. Visitors get to see the ageing cellar and at last their warehouse. All the visitors get a friendly and knowledgeable tour guider. At the tour’s end, they give some free beer samples to taste and visitors have to provide feedback.

The cost of the tour including all taxes & fees is in between $5.30 – $8.4

More Details: 
Google Rating: 4.5
Location: 701 W Glendale Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53209, United States

Brenner Brewing Company

Milwaukee Brewery
Brenner brewing company

Brenner Brewing is an independent newest craft brewery in Wisconsin.
The unique thing about their beers is there look. The beer’s outer cover features the art of different local artists on every new beer released. They have some unique flavours beer such as the complex Brenner Amber that you can’t miss trying.
They provide tours that give visitors an intimate experience. Also a chance to explore the flavours of free beer offered.

More Details: 
Google Rating: 4.3
Location: 706 S 5th St, Milwaukee, WI 53204, United States

Buffalo Water Beer Co

Buffalo Water Beer Co

Are you a spicy food lover who prefers it with a beer. If yes, then try the Buffalo Water Beer Co beer as they are a perfect match for the spicy food. They mainly use four ingredients – water, barley, hops, and yeast to brew their beers. You can try Bison Blonde as it is a perfect light beer to enjoy with food. 

The beers are begin made in another brewhouse at the moment. However, the beers are available at many local bars in Milwaukee.

More Details: 
Facebook Rating: 4.8
Phone: +1 414 223 3088 
Location: Buffalo Water Beer Co, 309 N Water St Suite 315, Milwaukee, WI, US,

Biloba Brewing Co


Opened in 2014 it is successful running till today. The Biloba Brewing Co brings a unique and intricate twist to the brewing process. They create deeply complex craft beers. 

The company started with a small brewery now it has a tasting room. Visitors can tap into some of the delicious beers or buy growlers. The tasting room has German touch it has a beer hall and is a fun place to meet up with locals and prep for a tour.

More Details: 
Google Rating: 4.9

Water Street Brewery

Water Street Brewery
Set up in 1987 it was Milwaukee’s first brewpub. Water Street Brewery offers many traditional and unique beers. It is rated as 47 of 335 American in Milwaukee.The brewmaster himself led the tour to the facility. Apart from world-class beer, you can get delicious beer-worthy meals here. 
Downtown Milwaukee:It is located on the corner of Water and Highland, Milwaukee’s. It is was the first brewpub downtown.
Grafton, Wisconsin: The Grafton location is just off of I43 and Highway 60.
Address: I43 & Highway 60, 2615 Washington Street, Grafton, WI  53024

Phone: +1 262-375-2222

Delafield, Wisconsin:

It is in the heart of lake country, Water Street Brewery Delafield. It offers a beautiful setting for lunch or dinner.

Address: 3191 Golf Road, Delafield, WI  53018
Phone: +1 262-646-7878

Oak Creek, Wisconsin:It is the newest location in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.


Phone: +1 414-301-5290

Opening hours:

The opening hours are the same for all locations. They open daily at 11:00 am and weekend brunch is served between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

More Details: 
All these are the best places for budget-friendly breweries in Milwaukee. Apart from good beer, you can enjoy the tour of the city too.

There are many iconic tours available in the city. The typical duration of the tour is 90-120. You will get to know more about the historic City of Milwaukee.

You will explore some hidden gems around the city and get to know more about Milwaukee’s vibrant and exciting history. The tour comes with customizable options. Pick one that suits your schedule.

Tour Days: 7 days a week.

Tour Times: 10am, 12, 2 & 4pm


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