Most Popular Places To Visit In Switzerland

Although Switzerland is a small country, its tourism industry is anything but little. The soaring Alps and glaciers, as well as Switzerland’s idyllic landscape, old castles, pure turquoise lakes, and majestic mountain peaks in every direction dominate the top Swiss locations to visit — there are more than 200 peaks higher than 3,000m. Traveling across Switzerland is a regional surprise because of the top Swiss cuisine, and if you discover the top Swiss fact, it’s clear that this small country has a lot to offer.

1. The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls, Europe’s greatest waterfall, is a captivating natural beauty that attracts visitors to Switzerland. The tremendous falls roar from a width of more than 150 meters near the town of Schaffhausen in Switzerland’s far north. Visitors can see the show from a variety of vantage points, and those who are brave enough can rent boats and paddle to the adjacent castles of Schloss Laufen and Schloss Wörth. The Rheinfall puts on a spectacular firework display on Swiss National Day, August 1st, which draws throngs of tourists.

2. Zurich

Zurich, as Switzerland’s cultural capital, should not be overlooked while planning a trip to the country. Unbeknownst to many, there is a lively nightlife with a contemporary edge hidden behind Zurich’s financial exterior. After all, Zurich stages one of Europe’s largest yearly rave parties, the Street Parade.

While portions of the city’s historical roots have been preserved, as evidenced by the distinctive guild buildings, Grossmünster church, Swiss National Museum, and Lindenhof plaza, wealthy Zurich prioritizes redevelopment. Old factories and heritage sites have been transformed as cultural spaces, complementing Zurich’s more than 50 museums and 100 art galleries. Zurich dubbed one of the world’s most livable cities, offers everything you’d expect in a city break, as well as the opportunity to visit rural, lovely places just a short distance away. Within two hours of Zurich, read about the most beautiful Swiss cities.

3. Bern

The medieval city of Bern is the capital of Switzerland, yet few people realize it. All doubts will dissolve as soon as you set foot on its narrow cobblestone alleyways. Every inch of this city, particularly its Old Town, resonates with history. A UNESCO World Heritage Site has been designated for this town. Bern’s sandstone façade, numerous fountains, and entrenchments are loomed over by archaic towers, while arcades are lined with boutiques, bars, cafes, and cabaret stages, some of which are buried beneath vaulted vaults. Bern is one of Switzerland’s best-preserved historical centers, serving as the current home of the Swiss parliament (Bundeshaus). It has a beautiful botanical park, a vibrant weekly market, and access to the River Aare and Bear Park, which is home to a family of bears that are the city’s symbol.

4. Lake Geneva and surrounding cities

Lake Geneva is bordered on the west by Geneva and on the east by Lausanne. The Celts named the massive liquid basin ‘Leman,’ or ‘Large Water.’ The French-speaking Swiss who live in the area now referred to it as Lac Léman, and the 582 square kilometer lake is lined with magnificent fairy-tale chateaus on its shores, as well as stretches of hillside vineyards that rise from the lake, providing a unique view into the world of Swiss wines. Every day, ferries, paddle steamers, and boats pass across the topaz seas.


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