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Want to enjoy holidays with friends? Drinking-up until 7 am -walking-back-without-your-shoes. We are talking about cities where it is an experience to go out. That feeling of anticipation in a crowded queue. The sensation of entering a rooftop lounge, or a pool party, or a lit club full of exotic outfits and exotic guests.

Whether it’s a stag, wedding, birthday, New Year’s Eve, or a random Wednesday night these cities have something for anyone looking to have a good time.
There will be pubs, clubs, and live music venues in every major city, but not all of them can claim to be a true party hub.
And while the concept of what that is can vary from continent to continent, there are a few universal truths.
Second, it’s fun to have a superior Party area. Locals like a good time and the nightlife scene are lively and raucous.
Second, to cater to all walks of life, there needs to be a variety of entertainment. Ten clubs that spin the same disco beats are difficult to revolutionize.
It should be special, at last. Whether it’s the biotechs from Rio or the notorious clubs from Berlin, each town on this list celebrates its individuality.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

party cities

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, known for its cultural heritage. It is a nightclubs city with an eclectic mix of clubs that host some of the world’s biggest party. Most up-and-coming DJs, the ideal place to get lost in the music and get refreshed. Cycling is important to the character of the area, and there are several bike paths to go and explore. The name Amsterdam derives from Amstelredamme, a sign of the origin of the city in the Amstel river.

Famous Clubs and Discos in Amsterdam: Radion, Club NYX, Shelter, Claire, De School, Crane Hotel Faralda, Canvas, Noorderschip, OT301,Vondelbunker

Things to do in Amsterdam-

  • Cycle to hidden gems
  • Try to herring from a cart of hares
  • See windmills, lakes, and countryside
  • Cruise past canal and bridge house
  • Try local beer in a traditional brasserie
  • Treat yourself to seafront music

New York City, New York, USA

party cities
New york

New York is iconic sites that include skyscrapers, Empire State Building, and sprawling Central Park. Broadway theater is very famous here is staged in neon-lit Times Square. New York is a center in foreign diplomacy also. The city is one of the largest natural harbors in the world. New York City consists of five boroughs, each of which is a part of New York County. These are – Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island were unified into one city. This city is a perfect place for a party in many aspects.

Famous Clubs and Discos in New York: Paradise Club, Joe’s Pub, Webster Hall, Terminal 5, Club Cache

Things to do in NYC-

  • Take a guided tour
  • See Show on Broadway
  • See New York’s Spectacular Skyline
  • Visit Ellis Island and Lady Liberty
  • Enjoy a cruise by boat around Manhattan

Cancun, Mexico

Party cities

Cancún is well renowned for its beaches, many resorts, and night-life. 

It consists of two distinct areas: 

  • The more traditional downtown area, El Centro and 
  • Zona Hotelera.

 It is also a famous destination for students during the break period of universities. If you’re in the mood for a luxurious travel experience than Cancun is the best place to be.

Best Dance Clubs & Discos in CancunCoco Bongo CancunAMMA Club, Congo BarThe City DiscothequeHRoofXacur Shuttle

Cancun has a tropical climate, a warm and humid tropical climate, with a distinct rainy and dry season.

Things to Do in Cancun-

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

party cities
New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is world-renowned for its distinct music, cuisine, and its annual festivals. The historic center of the city is the French Quarter, known along Bourbon Street for its French and Spanish Creole architecture. New Orleans is most famous for Mardi Gras and lively nightlife. The city was known as the most special in the U.S. owing to its cross-cultural and multilingual legacy. New Orleans has regarded as “Hollywood South,” owing to its position in the film industry.

Famous Clubs and Discos in New Orleans: Maple Leaf Bar, Gravier Street Social, Famous Door, Oz New Orleans, Republic NOLA

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

party cities
Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a seaside town in Brazil, famous for its beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Here exist a 38 m Christ the Statue of the Redeemer atop Mount Corcovado and Sugarloaf Mountain. It is a peak of granite with cable cars to its summit. The town is also known for its sprawling favelas (shanty towns). The raucous Carnaval festival, for parades, is also considered to be the biggest in the world.

Famous Clubs and Discos in Rio de Janeiro: Lapa 40 Graus, Bar Bukowski,Boate Glass, Dumont Arte Bar, Nuth Club, Jack Daniel’s Rock Bar


Buenos Aires

While the world is busy snoozing, this is the time when Buenos Aires party zombies head out to paint the town red. The parties start after midnight until the dawn break. Here the bars offer a fine mix of singers, dancers, and musicians. The street word is that Rojo Tango is the place to enjoy the nightlife. A tango cabaret performance, a live performance, can make you merry here. The jazz bar Notorious, which also acts as a record store and a restaurant, is a great option to explore.

Famous Clubs and Discos in Buenos Aires: Niceto Club, Buenos Ayres Club, Alsina, La Catedral, Asia de Cuba


Paris, the city of fashion, romance, lights, and the Eiffel Tower. Paris is also where you can enjoy nocturnal charms. You must explore here the Moulin Rouge, with its famous red-lit windmill. It draws visitors worldwide for its glittering cabaret shows.
If you’re lucky enough, you can make it into an elite nightclub, Club Silencio. It’s only open to members until midnight, a post that, some public can make an entry.

Famous Clubs and Discos in Paris : La Station – Gare des Mines, Rex Club, Petit Bain, La Bellevilloise, Badaboum, La Gare


Chicago, long known for its classy sports bars, also gives the nightclubs a fine look. Aviary has made a name for itself, exuding a vibrant ambiance. You must try here a one of a kind cocktail made from fresh herbs and fruits. The Barrelhouse Flat makes for a perfect choice for old-style Southern hospitality. You can choose from the wide variety of Classic to Traditional drinks.

Famous Clubs and Discos in Chicago: Smartbar, Spybar, Green Mill Cocktail Lounge, The Underground


It is a busy town filled with shopping, street food, drinking, and beautiful sights. Bangkok is chaotic and the intrepid traveler has to visit a definite location. When you went up Huai Khwang district, neon signs, dressed party-goers, will welcome you. Bangkok is a place to explore, so try not to waste all your money on fruity drinks and tuk-tuks.

Famous Clubs and Discos in Bangkok: DJ Station, Beam, Route 66, Sugar, Levels Club & Lounge, Onyx


The City of Miami is the headquarters of Miami-Dade County. And Florida’s cultural, economic, and financial hub in the US. This is the 42nd most populated city, the second-largest city in Florida after Jacksonville, and the largest in South Florida. The metropolitan area of Miami is home to 6.1 million residents, the second largest in the south-eastern United States, and the seventh-largest in the nation. The city has the third-highest skyline in the United States. Part of some incredible men, the place is also known for a hardcore band. Make a dive to the beach in the south where the scene is bustling. Go and discover the heart-thumping dance clubs which line the streets of art deco.

Famous Clubs and Discos in Miami: Bongos Cuban Cafe, Hoy Como Ayer, La gozadera brickell, Vedado Social Club, Casa Panza

Tel Aviv, Israel

You will not find bad weather, the coldest months are on average at 14 ° C in December and January. But in the summer it is a toasty 20-28 ° C from April to November. Tel Aviv is becoming the new ‘city that never sleeps’ with a clubbing mentality. It also competes with any of Europe’s or the US’s legendary cities. If it comes to clubs in Tel Aviv, diversity is the name of the game.

Famous Clubs and Discos in Tel Aviv: The Block, The Breakfast Club and Milk Bar, Pasaz, Haoman 17, Lima Lima, Duplex, Ismi Salma

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade may seem a bit off the beaten track for Western European partisans. But, Belgrade has been one of the best party cities for some time now, so catch up fast! Belgrade is known for its 24-hour parties at some of the oddest places. KST (party site) is located in the basement of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade.

Famous Clubs and Discos in Belgrade: Ben Akiba White Lounge & Art Gallery, Kafana Stara Pesma, Hype Belgrade Night Club, The Bank Club, Money Club


Tokyo’s night scene is different from any other. Drift away at popular Japanese Kabuki shows with a variety of options from live music to bars. If you prefer a Swish jazz club with regional and foreign shows, Sweet Basil 139 is the place to be! Visit Kamiya Bar which is the city’s oldest western bar for something more colorful. Don’t skip sipping on the original Tokyo cocktail, Denki Bran, while here.

Famous Clubs and Discos in Tokyo: Club Camelot, ageHa, 1 OAK Tokyo, WOMB, Alife, Harlem, Contact


Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle continue way after sunsets. At Temple Street Night Market, foodstuffs will satiate their cravings. Enjoy the aromatic fragrances that come wafting through, food alongside acrobats. Aqua Spirit which is located in a rather lofty skyscraper makes for a good option to get your alcohol fill. Lei Yue Mun Seafood Village Dinner Cruise also allows you to take a night tour of the water.

Famous Clubs and Discos in Hong-Kong: Volar Club, CÉ LA VI Hong Kong, PLAY Club, Dragon-i Hong Kong, Drop, OZONE at The Ritz-Carlton

 São Paulo

One of the best nightlife opportunities to unfold for you is the happy land of São Paulo. You can appreciate here a refined, extensive assortment of styles and genres. You should go to Vila Olímpia and Itaim Bibi neighborhood to shake a leg.
Clubs like Provocateur and Disco cater to something more sophisticated. The older crowd will be able to enjoy sites like The Past, Charles Edward, and Piove Itaim. Sip on elegant champagne and Premium Spirits!

Famous Clubs and Discos in São Paulo: Trackers, ABC Bailão, Coffeeshop Club, LimeLight, Mundo Pensante.


Stockholm, the town of beautiful women, also makes for exciting nightlife. Some choices include Sturecopagniet, an ornate, classy venue. It has bars, lounges and a floor for dancing. Other options include the White Room (open until 5 am), Laroy and Hell’s Kitchen (one of the hardest places to get into). Please turn up before 10 pm to get into the trendier sports and as a couple as stags are not entertained at some locations.

Famous Clubs and Discos in Stockholm: Berns, Färgfabriken, Morfar Ginko, Pùblico, F12 Terrassen, Fasching


Now here’s a town with a nightlife that offers everyone a little of something. Whether it’s cabaret comedy, upmarket boutique bars, arts and culture, and more. In the Berkeley Hotel, be inspired by a brilliant jazz act. Also, visit the dusty blue walls for inventive cocktails and a delicious menu. Head to the Royal House Opera for performances that are larger than life. For a typical pub experience went to Jerusalem Tavern.

Famous Clubs and Discos in London:

  1. Fabric
  2. Heaven
  3. Cargo
  4. Ministry of Sound
  5. Printworks London
  6. Studio 338
  7. XOYO



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