Places to visit in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a former Soviet republic and a Central Asian country. It is famous for its mosques and mausoleums. It has sites related to the Silk Path, the ancient China-Mediterranean trade route. A landmark of Islamic architecture is found in Samarkand. 

With ready to board flights from London and a simple visa procedure, it is super easy to reach there. Uzbekistan is visitor-friendly and has many places to explore. It formally involves letters of introduction, interviews, and high costs. It would be best if you explored the unknown destinations in Uzbekistan.


Dialing code+998

CurrencyUzbekistani soʻm

Total population3.3 crores (as of 2018) 

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and is one of Central Asia’s largest cities. One of the world’s oldest cities in Tashkent. It was celebrating its 2200th anniversary in 2009. 

It has 240 historical and archaeological sites within the city boundary. It has been brought to light during the years of Independence. Among the parks, museums, fountains, futuristic skyscrapers made of glass and metal. It has highway flyovers, photographs of ancient times such as mosques and madrasahs. Tashkent offers a variety of events and pleasures for visitors. There are many tourist places in Tashkent to visit.

A city tour shows you around the Bravery Monument, the House of the Romanov Prince Duke. The Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Victims of Repression Memorial. The Tashkent TV Tower, the Khazrat Imam complex, etc. 

Places to visit in Uzbekistan

1. Bullet Train for Tashkent-Samarkand

Uzbekistan tourist places

The 344-kilometer high-speed rail link between Tashkent and Samarkand is a bullet train.

Samarkand and Tashkent. In Uzbekistan, the road passes through Tashkent, Sirdaryo, Jizzakh, and Samarqand. Trains run under the Afrosiyob brand seven days a week.

2. Charvak lake, Tashkent

uzbekistan tourist places

Lake Charvak is a popular resort in Tashkent and has many tourists from all over Uzbekistan.

Neighboring countries visit the reservoir and to accommodate visitors. Or villages on the banks and surrounding areas offer a wide range of hotels, dachas, and houses.

3. Museum of Amir Timur, Tashkent

uzbekistan tourist places

Tashkent’s Amir Timur Museum was opened in 1996 in memory of the Mongolian warlord, Amir Timur.

The blue cupola museum resembles Samarkand’s Guri Amir mausoleum. It is based on medieval architectural traditions. But also meets modern requirements. The history of this square dates back to the 19th century. And the court was a small park in the center of Tashkent city surrounded by gymnasium buildings. Amir Temur, an excellent 14th-century commander. And statesman is depicted by a monument in the center of the square. So this Amir Temur statue in the center of the court is made of an Amir Temur bronze figure. There was a small park around this monument before, but after restoration in 2009. There is now a small area with fountains and greenery. This museum should also be visited as there are more than 5000 items in the museum. Along with over 2000 objects shown in the exhibit halls of the museum. The museum also has a collection of Temur and Timurid-era utensils, weapons. 

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4. The Walled City of Khiva

The Walled City of Khiva

Often known as Khorasam, Kiva is a 2,000-year-old ancient city. Kiva is abundant in beautiful locations and landmarks, surrounded by crenelated brick walls. UNESCO announced the Walled City of Khiva as the first Uzbek World Heritage site. You should spend a night in Khiva as the old town provides some beautiful views of sunsets and sunrises.

5.Chor Minor, Bukhara

uzbekistan tourist places

Located in the northeast of Bukhara, in the 18th century, Chor Minar was built. For its construction, a wealthy merchant, Khalif Niyazkul, is accredited. Chor Minor is a long-standing emblem of the four cardinal points of geography. It is true to its name, ‘four minarets.’ Do not skip thy distinctive decorations in the Minor as you get to discover more of Chor Minor. It is also one of Uzbekistan’s incredible places to visit.

6. Gur-e-Amir, Samarkand

Gur-e-Amir, Samarkand Uzbekistan


The 14th-century Mongol conqueror’s Mausoleum, Timur, Gur-e-Amir is an ancient structure. It is remarkable for its magnificent azure dome designed in the shape of a flute. As Timur and his sons and grandsons were cremated here. The dome holds special significance. A visit enhances the elegance of the dome set during the night.

7. Chorsu Bazaar, Tashkent

Chorsu Bazaar, Tashkent

Chorsu Bazaar is situated in the center of Tashkent. It is a blue-domed building famous for its traditional market. The Bazaar provides a range of items for visitors and locals alike, from clothing to trinkets. At the end of the Bazaar, make sure you visit the Kukeldash Madrasah, which is one of Uzbekistan’s best places to visit.

 8.Palace Of Khudayar Khan, Kokand

It is named after Khudayar Khan, the last Kokand Khanate emperor. It has seven splendid courtyards, and 119 rooms were once housed in the palace. In the year 1871, it was built and occupied four acres of green ground. It is now left with only two courtyards and 19 rooms open for public visits, also known as ‘The Pearl of Kokand.’

9. Lyab-i-Hauz, Bukhara

Lyab-i-Hauz, Bukhara

Constructed in the early 17th century, Lyab-i Hauz stands as one of Bukhara’s few remaining ponds. It is a peaceful square surrounded by tall mulberry trees and watered by an old canal. There is a historic Jewish Quarter town located south of Lyab-i-Hauz. That demands attention as one of Uzbekistan’s most beautiful places to visit.

10. Aydarkul Lake

uzbekistan tourist places

Aydarkul Lake, formed by the Soviets, is a semi-natural lake that currently covers more than 4,000 sq km. It is situated near a smaller seasonal lake in the middle of the desert of Kyzylkum. Not only is this location a tourist destination, but it also provides a few things to do during the holidays.

 11. Botanical Garden, Tashkent 

uzbekistan tourist places

If you close to nature, then you should visit the Tashkent Botanical Garden. This garden brings a stunning splash of color here and is a great stopover for tourists. There are many trees, bulbs, shrubs, and other varieties of plants in the Botanical Garden. They’re all beautiful and reflect the beauty of the world’s many geographies. It is the largest and oldest botanical garden in the entire Central Asia region’s privacy.

12. Tashkent Zoo 

uzbekistan tourist places

In Tashkent Zoo, there are around 500 different species of animals. It is a great place to go for all age groups. Even with your family, you can visit the zoo. The zoo opened almost 100 years ago, and it has been run very well since then. You’ll get to see some large animals at Tashkent Zoo, including gorillas and giraffes. It would help if you did not miss out on the African exhibit to see zebras and hunting dogs.

13. Aqualand Tashkent 

uzbekistan tourist places

Aqualand is closer to the TV Tower, another tourist spot in Tashkent District. Another location to get some entertainment is Aqua Park. In Tashkent, it has the largest swimming area. It is perfect for lovers of swimming and for those who visit during summers in the area. You should spend some time here at a restaurant and coffee shop where you can enjoy your time and have a retreat. There’s a lawn where you can rest and relax as well.

14. Alay Bazaar Tashkent

One of the oldest bazaars in Tashkent is Alay Bazaar or Oloy Market. In the century, the bazaar saw trade caravans passing through China and the Middle East. It played a role as a cultural center and social center for Uzbekistani locals. And tourists, where, as in other countries, people gathered to share and collect news. The Alay Bazaar is famous for its fruits, dried fruits, spices, and oriental sweets.


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