Planning A Trip to Venezuela, Here’s The Budget Guide!!!

Venezuela, originally known as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Venezuela is present on the northern parts of South America. It consists of many small islands and islets present in the Caribbean Sea. The country consists of extremely high biodiversity. It is also ranked seventh in the world’s list of nations with the most number of species. Here, now we discuss some of the points why one has to visit Venezuela.

Short Trip Planning to Venezuela

Accommodation Costs in Venezuela is very much low. The range for the hotels in Venezuela starts form ₹2000 and may go to the higher prices like ₹50,000 per night. Tourists can easily accommodate in Venezuela at a very much reasonable price. Also, accommodation in Venezuela is very much cheaper as compared to other countries. The currency of Venezuela which is Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF). It is somewhat cheap compared to other countries. In Venezuela 1 Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF) equals to around ₹3500 Indian Rupees, and that’s a lot of amounts. And 1$ USD equals the 248,567.80 VEF.

The prices of the most basic products in daily life are very much lower than the United States. It will costs you around 2.5 times less for shopping in Venezuela as compared to the USA. Tourists can also avail public transport services in Venezuela too for very cheaper rates. One can also rent a car in Venezuela for ₹2,00,000 INR or 26000$ USD. Taxis or cab services are also available in the country, but be aware it may cost you much more than you expect. As, taxi fare depends on the various factors just like waiting time, etc. The basic cost for the taxi or cab may cost you around ₹70 INR or 1$ USD. Here is the list of some of the basic things which are needed in the day-to-day’s life. Just like a bottle or carton of milk (1 litre): 91 INR (1.30 USD), popular yellow cheese (1 kg): 204 INR (2.90 USD), a bottle of beer from a known brand: 177 INR (2.50 USD), a sausage or cold cuts (1 kg): 386 INR (5.40 USD), a mid-range wine (one bottle): 792 INR (11 USD).

So, if you are planning a visit to Venezuela, you can give relief to your budget as reading the above examples. Here is the budget list configured as per the weekly expenses, you may need to carry with yourself while travelling to Venezuela.

  1. 22,000 INR (321 USD) – a cheap stay for 7 days in Venezuela
  2. 33,000 INR (472 USD) – a budget journey for 7 days in Venezuela
  3. 31,000 INR (449 USD) for a one week of a comfortable stay in Venezuela
  4. 96,000 INR (1,300 USD) for a week of luxury holidays in Venezuela


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