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Preparing A Tour To Spain!! Know The Budget Here And Plan Accordingly!!

How much does it cost to travel in Spain?

You know how much Does it Cost to Travel in Spain?  It costs less than you imagine and a little more than you want to spend! So let’s talk about money and how to make the most of your travels without going bankrupt. Welcome to the Spanish edition of “How Much does it cost to Travel”, where we breakdown our costs and share some of our travel secrets.

As we start talking about how much it costs to travel in Spain, let me explain that our travel plan is to stick to a budget of $50 USD per day per person.



» Spain in figures:

(the values are in Euros, at the end of the article we’ll convert the totals to US dollars. All prices are for two people.)

Days: 36

Cities: Madrid / Toledo / Barcelona / Valência /  Elche / Murcia / Almería / Mojacar-Cabo de Gata / Málaga / La Linea de La Concepcion.

» Transport cost in Spain = € 431.65

(not included our inbound and outbound flights)

Intercity: € 320.55

Local transport: € 111.10

Save money in Spain by traveling with BlaBlaCar. It’s a website based on shared economies that connects drivers and travelers. In this  pay less than a bus or a train ticket and you can make new friends also.

The cost of 5 shared rides for two people was € 76,00. Just to compare, look how much we spent on the other modals:

1 train trip = € 43.60

3 bus trips = € 66.95

1 car rental for 3 days = € 134.00

» Accommodation in Spain = € 419.00

Hotel – 4 nights = 109.00

Airbnb – 16 nights = 310.00

Friend’s house – 4 nights = 0.00

House sitting – 12 nights = 0.00

Great isn’t it?

During our Spanish tour,  use some tricks and hacks on free accommodation to minimize  expenses. Apart from having a bed for free in a friend’s house, there are many ways to find cheap accommodation in Spain.

If you like hotels and hostels, you will find plenty of them in Spain. You can choose by the rates, prices or locations. On the coastal cities, most of the hotels have studios with kitchenette, which have a great deal.

is-it Cabo de Gata, a secret and beautiful destination on the Spanish coast, and got a studio room for a really cheap price on Booking.com.

For cheap and comfortable accommodation in Spain, finding  Airbnb to be another good solution. Also for amazing places, awesome hosts and spent such a small amount of money.

» Food in Spain = € 762.63

Groceries: € 334.44

everything we can buy  in supermarkets or street markets. At the places stay through Airbnb or house sitting that had kitchens, so that breakfast and sometimes lunch/dinner were prepared at home. This is a great way to keep the budget low and eat well. In the groceries, cost is also included the toiletries and cleaning products that is bought on the way.

Eating out: € 418.19

Always carry in our bag some water, fruits and a sandwich, which  helps to cut the cost of eating out a lot. Also try to avoid the touristy restaurants,  always search for local places. In Madrid, had a feast eating in some amazing local restaurants.

» Attractions in Spain = € 107.35

Spain is an open-air museum with tons of attractions to visit. Art galleries, parks, heritage sites, a bunch of beautiful and interesting stuff. Most of them charge an entrance fee, that can ruin your budget on a long-term trip. However, the solution is very simple, instead of cashing out money, first research about the attractions and that they have a day with free entrance.

» Night Out in Spain= € 311.00

Spain is a paradise for partying and having fun. We can’t ignore the summer mood in Barcelona, the beach parties at Costa del Sol, and so many festivals?? Toughest to resist! Enjoyed all of them, no regrets! And  by the amount of fun , didn’t lose (that much) control of how much we should spend traveling in Spain.

» Other Costs in Spain= € 117.65

WC: € 1.20

Souvenirs: € 9.40

Internet / Print: € 3.00

Pharmacy: € 28.60

Locker: € 3.60

Clothes: € 71.85


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