School system in Russia

Russia is a beautiful place to live and if you moving to Russia than you should be worried about the education and schooling of your child. The Russian education system is divided into three parts which are Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education. In total Primary and Secondary school includes 11 years of study. 

The government of Russia organise and coordinate the education system in Russia. The basic education is free and available for everyone.

In Russia it is compulsory for children of age group 6 to 15 to attend the school.

School system in Russia

The first stage of education is primary education and it is for children of age 6 to 10. After that comes the senior school which is for children of age 10-15. If a student want to pursue higher education then he she must remain in the Senior secondary school for two more years.

Pre-school Education  Russia

Although preschool education is not compulsory in Russia but many children below the age six attend the pre-school. The pre school consist of Kindergarten or Daycare schools. These school basically focus on the physical activities and creativity of the children.

General Education System Russia

After preschool starts the general education system which compromises of three stages: First one is primary education which lasts for four years. Second is basic general education which lasts for five years and then comes the secondary education system which lasts for 2 to 3 years. General education is compulsory in Russia. The courses are taught in Russian language. 

The general Russian education focuses on the intellectual, emotional, physical and the moral development of the children.

The general education system Has a course of 34 weeks of study in year and 27 to 36 hours of study per week.

The academic year starts from 1 September to the beginning of June the exams are conducted in June.

Every school has it own curriculum but But there are some compulsory fields also like the Russian language, foreign languages, mathematics, history, politics, natural sciences etc. 

School exams in Russia

Final examination is conducted after the student has completed the primary and the basic general education. The Students are awarded with the Certificate of Basic General Education, Attestat ob Osnovom Obshchem Obrazovani.


With the help of the certificate the student can get admission to either secondary general education, to vocational education or to non-university level (higher education).

There is one more exam after the completion of secondary general education which is called as the State final attestation (final examinations).

The students who have cleared the exam will be awarded a Certificate of Secondary General Education, Attestat ob Sredem Obshchem Obrazovanii

There are many international schools in Moscow offering education in English or in other languages in case you are not comfortable with Russian language.

School Hours, Holidays Guide 

In general there are four times in a Russian school. The vacations is in between; 1st week in November, 2nd weeks in January, 1st week in March and nearly 3 months in summer.

A normal school day starts from 8 AM and ends at 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Saturdays and Sundays are off and hence students generally attend class 5 days a week, but some schools require extra study on Saturdays.

The above image was taken in Moscow, Russia. It’s a photo by Artur Lysyuk on Unsplash

Source: https://www.expatica.com/ru/education/children-education/the-education-system-in-russia-104072/



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