Best shopping malls in Afghanistan

The best shopping malls in Afghanistan are Kabul city centre, Park mall, Shabir Roshan shopping center and Chicken street.

How to find a shopping mall in Afghanistan

To find the best shopping malls you can look at any mapping app. I typed “best shopping malls in Afghanistan” in english on Google Maps and this is what I have found.

List of shopping malls in Afghanistan

I have selected a list of best reviewed shopping centers in Afghanistan on Google Maps.

Kabul city centre

Kabul city center is Afghanistan’s first modern-style shopping mall. It was opened in 2005. It is approximately nine stories tall. And is located in downtown Kabul. Near Shahr-e Naw neighborhood. The mall is equipped with escalators and elevators.
For security reasons, mall’s glass windows are explosive resistant. Visitors are screened with metal detectors before they are allowed to enter. The top six floors of the mall is a part of the Safi Landmark Hotel. And it is owned by a Dubai based hotel and resort company.

Park mall

Park mall is the Kabul’s most visited place. And one of the largest shopping destination. It has over 280 retail outlets. And has over 1000 parking spaces, supermarkets, restaurants, play ground, gymnasium and beverage outlets. Also It is one of Kabul’s strategic places.

Shabir Roshan

This shopping center is one of the best and most modern shopping mall in Kabul with luxury goods imported from all over the world.

Chicken street in Kabul

Chicken Street has the country’s best concentration of antiques.  But they are legally are not for sale. Shop owners get this by calling the reproductions.  So they may be literally true. But If you can’t tell the difference then don’t pay a premium price.

Golbahar business center

Golbahar Center is one of Afghanistan’s largest and most luxurious commercial centers. It provides the best facilities to the people of Afghanistan. You can find high-end restaurants. The best mobile shops and clothing stores, as well as a place of amusement.

What to buy in Afghanistan

Afghanistan offers visitor a rich selection of handicrafts. You can find carpets, karakul coats, fur overcoats, embroidered material, caps, hand woven silk fabrics, fruits, nuts and gemstones.

Shopping is extremely fun and rewarding. Afghanistan is famous for its locally made carpets and rugs. Their designs and patterns are often copied around the world. Carpet weaving is one of the standing tradition in the country. Baluchi people and Turkoman people are still working on it.

Baluchi rugs

Baluchi rugs are small carpets. They are often four by seven feet in size. Rugs are traditionally small. Travelers love them because they can easily be carried. And a Prayer rug is a very common example of Baluchi rug.

Turkoman rugs

They come in a wide variety of sizes. And they can be compared to top of the line Persian carpets. Because they are finely woven. Hatchli is a popular design, a simple cross shape on a vast surface. So if you want to save money you should buy from local markets and bazaars instead of malls.

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