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While applying for a visa to China, there are some steps you need to follow. Most importantly, it would help if you had a valid passport to apply for the visa. There is an application form you need to fill out and submit to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. Here are the step-by-step details on how you can apply for a visa to China.

1. Check whether you need a visa

There are essential things you need to do before applying for a visa. The first thing is that you need to check whether you need access or not, as there is no need for entrance if you are eligible for visa-exempt or visa-free countries. But, there are some other mandatory documents like a passport you may need to travel. Also, you need a two-way ticket for travel and enough funds to get checked for immigration.

2. Check which visa you need to get

So, if you need a visa, you may need to determine first which type of visa you need. You may check the convenient access for yourself from the website of the Chinese embassy.

Following are the Types of China Visas and their Requirements-

1. Official Diplomatic Visas
A. Verbal Notice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Or from the diplomatic mission or the International Organization.
B. Visa notification letter from the appropriate authorities in China.
2. Tourist visa (“L” sight-seeing or tour visa, usually single entry, stay of 30 days only)
A. Evidence of Finance like a cover letter from a business or bank statement of the applicant. Please show the records in their original form.
B. Verified ticket for the return flight and photocopy thereof.
C. Details about hotel bookings.
3. Tourist Visa (“L” visa for relatives and family visitors)
A. Evidence of having a real ongoing relationship with the person who invites you to China.
B. Confirmed ticket for the return flight and photocopy thereof.
4. Industrial Company Visa (“F” Visa):
A. Original letter of notification of a visa from the competent authorities in China. This includes the Ministries and Commissions of the State Council. And the Governments of all Provinces, Autonomous Regions, and Municipalities. Or a Visa Notification Letter from the Chinese business authorities.
B. Cover letter from the organization or office of the applicant.
C. Verified ticket for a return flight and photocopy thereof.
D. Details about hotel bookings.
5. Conference Visa, Art Performance (non-profit) & Sports Meeting (“F” Visa)
A. Visa notification letter from the appropriate authorities in China.
B. Covering the letter from the business or office of the applicant with details of the intent of the visit.
6. Transit Visa (visa “G”)
A. First, applicants should have a country visa of destination and a photocopy of the permit.
B. Flight ticket confirmed and photocopied thereof.
C. Cover letter from the organization or office of the applicant.
7. Visa for jobs (“Z” Visa)
All documents requested in this category should be submitted in their original form.
A. “Alien License for Jobs” given by Labor & Social Security Ministry, Govt. Of China, or “Foreign Specialist Authorization” issued by Foreign Specialist Office, Govt. Chinese.
B. Letter of notice of visas granted by appropriate Chinese authorities.
C. Candidate cover letter.
D. “Record for Foreigner Physical Examination” given by state hospital.
8. Student Visa (visa “X”)
All documents requested in this category should be submitted in their original form.
A. “University Admission Notice” given in P. Hey. R. China.
B. ‘Student Visa Application Form’ (JW201 form or JW202 form) issued by the Education Ministry, Gov. of China.
C. Letter was covering the applicant’s recently graduated education, university, or applicant itself.
D. Foreigner’s Physical Examination Record “provided by doctors from the state hospital.”

3. Prepare all documents needed

Now, all the documents you need to apply for the visa application. It would help if you had the mandatory passport, a recently-taken photograph of yourself. There are some other documents also which you may need to submit. These documents may vary with the type of visa you’re applying for. For instance, if you’re currently using a tourist visa, or we can say an “L” visa. Then you need to submit documents like round-trip trip tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

You have detailed visa requirements that you need to submit to the Chinese Embassy in your region.

Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months and has blank pages for the visa.

Visa Application Form: Make sure you fill your form in capital letters. And do fill your paper with the correct details.

Photograph: The photograph needs to be the latest one or at least five to six months old. The picture must be without wearables until or unless it is for a religious cause.

4. Submit the application

After filling out the application form, you may need to submit the form. You can visit the Chinese Embassy or Consulate to apply. These forms can also get forwarded to the Chinese Visa Application Center (CVASC), whichever is available in your area. You can follow your application on your own, or you may hire an agent for this.

You are coming to the processing time for your application. This time may differ with the type of visa application you have applied for. Usually, it takes four to five working or business days for the approval of your visa. This application time may shrink by paying some extra fees. Your application will get processed overnight, and you may collect your access by the next day. But, there may be some delay, so it is preferable to apply for your visa in advance to avoid any delay.

How to apply?

1. You can send a request to the Embassy or Consulate-General Visa Office. It has consular jurisdiction over the state in which you reside;
2. If you can not come in person, you can entrust to the visa office of the Embassy or Consulate-General. This makes the consular authority drop your application where you live.
  • No appointment is mandatory.
  • Mailed requests are not appropriate and will be returned.
 Process Time
1. The average turnaround time is four working days.
2. Express service: processing for 2-3 working days; an extra $20 fee will be paid per visa.
3. Rush service on the same day: emergency only; an additional fee of $30 per permit will be paid. Applications should be submitted before 12:30 pm and can be obtained on the same day between 2:30 pm-3:00 pm).

How much does China VIsa cost?

Visa fees
Number of EntryAmericanCitizens of other countries*
Single Entry$130$30
Double Entry$130$45
Multiple Entry for 6 Months$130$60
Multiple Entry for 12 Months$130$90

The validity of the Visa and Stay Period

The validity of a single entry or double entry “L” visa typically amounts to 90 days or 180 days from the date of issue. This means that the visa holder must reach China no later than 90 days or 180 days after the date of the approval. Otherwise, the visa will expire and issue either null or void. The stay for an ‘L’ visa is usually 30 days. This means the visa holder can stay in China for up to 30 days from entry. Please clarify the application form if your expected stay in China is longer than 30 days. And seek the approval of the Visa Officer when you submit your application.

5. Getting your Visa

You need to pick up your visa from the same place where you have applied for it. You need to pay the appropriate fee for access, and you’ll get your passport with a visa.



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