30 things to do in New York

New York, one of the world’s largest cities, is still a vortex of operation, with popular landmarks. If you are planning to visit New York, there never be enough time to see them all.

30 things to do in New York

So here are the best 30 things you can do while exploring this beautiful.

Enjoy the Bars of NYC

If YOU are visiting NYC, find out bars as many of you as you can. Most are cocktail bars, others are scuba diving, and others are anything in between. They ‘re all central to watering holes in New York.

1. Banzarbar

gray Beer tap, nyc

This place is best for a date, especially if you’re a fan of themed bars and/or speakeasies. If you want to make it a full night, they also do a five-course sampling menu that includes low-ABV drinks.

2. Undercote

It is a cocktail bar and lounge. It’s very pricey and slightly ridiculous. The bar under Simon Kim’s Korean barbecue restaurant Cote in Flatiron City. Undercote offers a champagne collection, Sondre Kasin ‘s playful drinks, and free snacks. And no food menu is on.

3. Kick Axe Throwing

The lovely lodge-like atmosphere with comfortable furnishings and decor you ‘d be happy to spend time in. ​Also, available Specific packages for corporate activities, wedding celebrations, bachelor/bachelor’s parties, proposals.

4. Marie’s Crisis Cafe

The main feature of the bar is the pianist performing songs from Broadway and Disney, as the customers drink and sing from the counter.

You can also sing here classic songs such as Mary Poppins, The Lion King, West Side Story, Mamma Mia, etc. It’s a fun bar from 4 pm until 8 pm, great to have a beer. It’s a lot quieter after 8 pm; it’s when the pianist comes in there.

Eat Delicious Food at the best Restaurant

New York has one of the most competitive and diverse restaurant scenes in the world. You will get a three Michelin star dining menu, a big plate of comfort food, or even the best freaking’ slice of pizza you’ve ever had in your life.

group of people sitting on the sofas of Nyc Restaurant.

5. Le Coucou

It’s an old school French restaurant, which may mean Lyon ‘s popular brochet quenelle (ethereally light pike in a creamy lobster bisque) or three-way cooked rabbit. Famous for- beurre blanc halibut, tarragon sweetbreads or the bone marrow divine filet de boeuf.

6. Upland

This is a wine-focused restaurant with a nicely curated list of bottles around the 50 buck mark. Famous for: crispy duck wings with kosho yuzu and a whole mushroom fried hen-of-the-woods, unbelievably tasty with fresh herbs and soft cheese.

7. Charlie Bird

This is a perfect spot for an oyster, and a pasta bowl before turning up for an Antonioni flick at the Film Forum. Famous for- seafood, plates of pasta, the chicken liver mousse appetizer and a popular farro salad.

8. Ivan Ramen

This is a cool, hot noodle place. Famous for – mazeman, ramen. $17 for a bowl of noodles. New York is a nice ramen town and that place should be on the crawl of everybody.

Visit Museums

9. MoMA PS1

womans face concrete statue, at  nyc museum

The Museum has a collection of more than 200,000 pieces from the likes of James Turrell and Ai Weiwei. It has photos of Diane Arbus and Cindy Sherman to paintings from sculptures created by Francis Bacon and Sol LeWitt.

10. New-York Historical Society

New-York Historical Society became the first museum in New York City. It has a collection of around 1.6 million pieces, ranging from paintings and watercolors to Valley Forge bed by George Washington. Every afternoon, informative, interesting tours are guided daily by museum teachers and included with the admission price.

11. The Met Breuer

The Met Breuer is the family’s middle ground. It is not that big. Within a few hours, you can see everything, and the galleries are never so crowded as to make a glimpse impossible in a leisurely way. The museum is a genuine fan of contemporary art, even if you’re not too.

12. Studio Museum in Harlem

This 2-level, 60,000 square foot (0.56 ha) museum, formerly housed on an old bank, is unparalleled in its presentation of African American art and culture. This museum is a presentation of African American art and culture.

Explore Wonderful Parks 

13. Prospect Park

In Prospect Park, nearly 2,000 people are buried. Quakers have been burying their dead in an NYC cemetery since the 1840s (and probably before). The notorious city planner was behind some kid-friendly offerings of the park, including the zoo and Wollman Rink, which all summer long throws ten-year skating parties. You can enjoy here skate on a roller (or ice hockey) at Prospect Park Lakeside.

14. Central Park

Central Park
Central Park

The park is moving to the protected area of 38 hectares on the west side of the park known as the Ramble. The place is known for its gay cruising dating spot. But it’s not just a pretty place: in the middle of Manhattan, there are water sports right there. It is by area the fifth-largest park in the region, covering 843 acres.

15. Riverside Park

Riverside Park is commonly seen as the most beautiful waterfront park in Manhattan. It has a long and storied history, as one of the eight officially recognized scenic landmarks in New York City. Entertainment activities include a number of sports courts and parks, a skate park, a significant section of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway (for bicycles), and an important component of New York State ‘s Water Trail, the 110-slip public marina at 79th Street.

16. M&M’S World, NYC

Park has the exclusive M&M ‘S chocolates and products, including three-level, M&M ‘S branded products specially designed for New York over 25,000 square feet. 

Watch Street art

17. Bushwick Collective 

Exploring Street Art In New York City, USA - Updated 2020 | Trip101


The Bushwick Collective is sited in Bushwick Brooklyn, just outside of Flushing Avenue. Widely reachable by the L train. This is a live, breathing art collective. You can watch here different art paintings. These were designed by the most famous artist. You can Click CREATIVE photos HERE.

18. World Trade Mural Project

The walls remind tourists of the September 11th attacks in NYC. Don’t miss these eye-catching walls, which have brought downtown Manhattan a new sense of hope. 

19. Harlem Street Art + Grafitti

Harlem is worth a visit for street art, particularly murals. There are at least 5 different carvings, including the Know Your Rights mural.

In East Harlem, there is the Graffiti Hall of Fame, which also regularly welcomes lesser-known artists to come and paint their murals.

Unfortunately, most of the painting is behind an entrance, but you can even see it from a distance.

20. Houston Bowery Wall

In 1982, renowned artist Keith Haring painted on a wall at the intersection of Houston St. and Bowery his first famous large-scale mural. Tomokazu Matsuyama ended his amazing contribution to the Houston Wall with his 12 assistants. The Bronx Museum was overflowing with a huge crowd celebrating photographer/filmmaker Henry Chalfant. 

Also, Explore these-

21. Statue of Liberty

statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a massive neoclassical sculpture in New York Harbour, on Liberty Island. She holds a torch with her right hand over her ear and carries a tabula ansata in her left hand have a close look at it, take a quick boat ride to Liberty Island. With the advance reservations, you can go straight up to the crown. The monument is an emblem of independence and of the United States. Also, a sign of welcoming immigrants’ arriving by sea.


22. Empire State Building

cityscapes scenery
Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is one of the most prominent landmark buildings in NYC. The 381-meter-tall, the 102-story building was the world’s tallest before 41 years later. Architecture, height, and observation decks from the Art Deco building have made it a popular attraction. The Empire State Building is an American pop culture icon. It has been also used in more than 250 TV shows. And also in movies since the 1933 release of the film King Kong.


23. Times Square

New York Times Square, New York City
Times Square

Times Square is the place to go at night in New York, and exciting at any time of day. This is the site of New York’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations. Times Square is among the most visited tourist attractions in the world. This place serves as a town square but is not a square. Time square is like a bow, with two triangles. The triangle on the north is Father Duffy Square.


24. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge with lights photography
Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is a New York City hybrid cable-stayed / suspension bridge. The bridge crosses the East River between the Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs. At the time of its completion, it was also the longest suspension bridge in the world, above mean high water. The best way to see this landmark is by taking an hour and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.


25. Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal timelapse photography of people
Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal also referred to as the Grand Central Station. The building opened first as a subway and train station terminal in 1913. Grand Central Terminal is one of the most visited tourist attractions places in the world. It is also featured in films and television. Grand Central Terminal is home to many shops and food vendors. You can’t skip the Grand Staircase inside, where you can stop to look out over the field. Here the restored ceiling portrays a celestial scene.

26. New York Public Library

New York Public Library people sitting on chairs
New York Public Library

The Public Library of New York, built in Beaux-Arts style. The library has very impressive rooms with approximately 53 million items. The New York Public Library is the second-biggest public library in the United States. And also the third-largest in the world. It is a popular city attraction.
It opened to widespread acclaim in 1911. And has been featured over the years in many movies and television shows. At this place, the collection is enormous, to say the least.

27. Wall Street

Wall Street
Wall Street

Wall Street is an eight-block street within New York City’s Financial District. It runs crosstown west from Broadway to South Side, eastward at the East River. Wall Street is an eight-block street within New York City’s Financial District. It runs crosstown west from Broadway to South Side, eastward at the East River. It is home to the world’s two biggest stock exchanges. Many other large markets, the New York Mercantile Exchange, the New York Board of Trade, have or had offices in the Wall Street area.


28. Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall is an entertainment venue in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It is the headquarters for the Rockettes, the company for precision dance. It was designed and funded during the 1930s by the Rockefellers. Also, housed the world’s largest indoor theatre. Today, it hosts big events such as the Grammy Awards and the Tony Awards.


29. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral
St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick ‘s Cathedral is the Gothic Revival in New York, with its huge bronze doors and 2,400 seating capacity. It has a white marble façade, 330-foot spires, the Great Organ, a rose window, bronze baldachin. The Cathedral is a huge destination for believers and tourists alike. It is known in the United States as one of the most prominent icons of the Catholic Church.



30. Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall
Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall opened the first great concert hall in New York. The hall was packed with musicians, who led in the opening night, to Leonard Bernstein and The Beatles. Hall has the world’s finest acoustics. It is designed by William Burnet Tuthill and designed by Andrew Carnegie, a philanthropist. It’s also rented out to party artists. Many of the greatest classical music performers have performed in the Main Hall. And its lobbies are decorated with signed portraits and memorabilia. 

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