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Travel Without Visa In State Of Palestine

Palestine is very famous as a tourist attraction. As every year many visitors come here to see beautiful places in the country. The Dead Sea is the lowest natural point of the Earth. It is in Palestine only. So, if you are giving a thought visit. Then you must be happy to know that no visa is required to enter the State Of Palestine. However, if you are from countries like Israel, Jordan, or Egypt then you may need it.

Required Documents To Travel Palestine

Must-Have A Valid Passport
In order, to enter Israel/ State Of Palestine you must have a passport. Also, the passport should be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of entry.
Ticket As Proof 
Also, you should have a valid departure ticket from the country. The ticket should be within three months. But, you can stay longer if you have a visa that allows you to stay longer.
As mention above visa for Palestine is not required. So, one can stay above for stays of up to 90 days for tourism. But If you are from a country which required a visa please contact an embassy near you.
Passport Note For Muslim Countries
Due to bad relations between Israel and many Arabtly Muslim countries. Those with Israel’s entry stamps in their passports are not allowed.
To reduce this issue, visitors now receive an entry card instead of a stamp upon arrival to Israel. Also, they have to keep a stamp until they leave.
While Israel does not stamp in your passport. But, the Jordanian authority may stamp. To indicate that you have across from Jordan to Israel and vice versa. Or you are going to or were going to Israel.
But you can request them politely not to do so before handling in your passport. So, they will stamp on a form instead.
Foreign nationals get denied entry to Israel as of March 2017. If they have publicly called for a boycott of the country, or support an organization that has called for it.

Visa Cost

For those requiring a B2 (visitor visa), the cost is US$ 23, while it costs US$ 46 for a student visa to Israel. Applications should get forwarded to the Israeli embassy or consulate.

General Documents


There are generally civil documents available for Israel. Although certain records get destroyed in or before 1948. A specific document listed below may get charged for a fee. To obtain specific data.  That includes mailing addresses and fee requirements. The applicant shall contact the relevant issuing authority.

The West Bank and Gaza Palestinian Authority

The Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate, Jordan, or Egypt, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority were in the West Bank and Gaza at various times during the twentieth century. The issuing authority for civil documents, therefore, depends on the time and place of the documented life event.

The West Bank and Gaza undergo a complex set of rules involving Israel and the Palestinian Authority. PA civil documents will generally get presented to holders of the Palestinian National Authority (PA). But these candidates should apply for police certificates from the Israeli government. Israeli citizens residing or residing in the West Bank or Gaza are not subject and obtain documents from the Government of Israel from the Palestinian Authority.

On June 14, 2007, Hamas took de facto administrative control of Gaza and issued civil documents to this territory, a designated foreign terrorist organization. Unless confirmed by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, the US Government does not accept documents issued by Hamas in Gaza. An applicant is responsible for submitting to the Palestinian Authority a document issued by any government agency in Gaza after 14 June 2007. This is not helped by the American Consulate General in Jerusalem.

East Jerusalem

East Jerusalem is governed by the law, jurisdiction, and government of the State of Israel since 28 June 1967. In the final stage of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. The Israeli-Palestinian declaration of principles, signed on 13 September 1993, postponed the selling of Jerusalem’s permanent status. Since 2002, the Palestinian Authority has been competent to a few suburbs in East Jerusalem. The status of “permanent resident” of Israel is maintained by Palestinians in East Jerusalem. Most of them did not apply for Israeli citizenship for political reasons. Jordanian documents, including passports, provided to Palestinians from West Bank and East Jerusalem.


In some cases, applicants from East Jerusalem are unable to obtain civil documents from either Israel or the Palestinian Authority.

Certificates of birth



  • For applicants who have been born in Israel and East Jerusalem since 1948 and who are generally born before then, birth certificates are always available.
  • “Eishor Lidah” is available for aliens born in Israel, with “Affirmation of Birth.”
  • “Tamsit Rishum”-” Birth Extract, “if the country’s birth certificate does not exist, is available to citizens of Israel who are born abroad.
  • “Tamsit Rishum “for changing name and marital status is also available.
  • Name of the document: “Teudat Lidah,” or “Birth Certificate,” “Eishor Lidah” or “Birth certificate” to foreigners, for Israel’s citizens, including those born abroad, “Tamsit Rishum” or “Birth extract”


Authority issuing: Israeli Interior Ministry


Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: The Ministry of the Interior(MOI) seal of all the above documents. It is in English and Hebrew.


Title: Clerk, Israeli MOI Emission Authority:


Registration criteria: You can apply to any Israeli MOI office online. Also can request a person.

Certificates of marriage
Government offices in Israel and the West Bank do not issue marriage certificates. Requests then sent to the religious community concerned for marriage certificates.


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