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How Much A trip to Nigeria Will Cost?

As per champion traveler, the average price of a 7-day solo trip to Nigeria will cost $1,722. 

However, a family trip will cost $954. The hotels in Nigeria ranges from $27 to $128 per night. But, for the entire home vacation rentals, it will cost $90 to $400 per night. Also, the average cost of economy flight to Nigeria is between $1,456 and $2,455 per person. Also, the average cost of economy flight to Nigeria is between $1,456 and $2,455 per person. The cost of a first-class flight is between $4,572 and $7,709. 

We suggest that you budget between $21 and $43 per person a day for transport and enjoy local restaurants. 

The naira (sign: ₦; code: NGN) is the currency of Nigeria.

1 Nigerian Naira = 0.0028 United States Dollar 

1 Nigerian Naira = 0.02 INR

Daily Expenses Budget

Travelling in Nigeria can be cheap. But, the trip cost of your vacation can vary based on what you’re interested in doing. For example, fine dining at a luxurious restaurant will cost $160 per person or more. The private tours can cost you around $318 a day, but self-guided tours can be free to see the sights outside.

Travelling Cost To Nigeria

You can accept spending of around $75- $250 per day, depending on your travel budget. That includes your hotel room cost, dinner and transportation cost. We have given the cost of travelling for a low, mid and high range trip. 
Low Budget Trip Cost To Nigeria:

As per, lonelyplanet average cost of a low budget trip will be around $75 per day.

  • Cost of a hotel room: $35–$50
  • Two-course dinner: $4–$10
  • Coffee: $1–$1.50
  • Local bus ride: $1–$3
Midrange Trip Cost To Nigeria:
For a medium budget trip, you can accept a bill of around $125-$200 per day.
  • Hotel room: US$100–150
  • Two-course dinner: US$20–35
  • Beer in the bar: US$4–5
  • Short taxi ride: US$8–15
High Budget Trip Cost To Nigeria:
For a high budget trip, you can accept a bill of around $225-$300 per day.
  • Hotel room: US$250–400
  • Two-course dinner: US$50–100
  • A glass of wine: US$10–15
  • Longer taxi ride: US$20–40

Averaging worldwide fares, costs go from a mid-December peak of $2,455 average to an early October low of $1,456. The median price for flights is $1,456. Rates depend on millions of flights. 

The cheapest times to travel to Nigeria: 

They would be on average the best days to fly to Nigeria and stay at a hotel in Nigeria:

  • January 15th to March 25th
  • April 23rd to May 6th
  • August 27th to December 2nd

Generally, early October is the very cheapest time to take a holiday in Nigeria.

Nearby Nigeria Travel Costs:

Cost of a trip to Ikare, NG & the cheapest time to visit Ikare.

A 7-day trip to Ikare costs $3,141 for a single tourist, $5,641 for a pair, and $10,576 for a family of four. Ikare hotels range from $26 to $117 a night and cost $45 a night.

The average rate for flights to Akanu Ibiam International Airport (ENU) worldwide.:

The price for economy fares is between $1,477 and $4,760 per passenger, first-class tickets range from $4,635 and $14,937.

The budget varies per person and depending on the events and transportation you use. It can range from between$16 to $48 per person per day.

The Cheapest Times to Ikare Nigeria :

These dates are the cheapest dates to fly to ENU: 

  • 15 January-8 July (except for the weeks of 19 February, 26 February, and 25 June)
  • 1 October-28 October

The absolute cheapest time to take a holiday in Ikare is generally about mid-March.

Affordable Journey to Ikare :

How cheap would you enjoy your holidays at Ikare? 

The cheapest trip to Ikare is around $201 per person per day. The choice of 1-star hotels is more likely, with rooms beginning at about $21.

Prizes for Ikare Hotel:

In Ikare, the cost of staying is much lower than the average city cost. The cheapest rooms are better than the others. Due to a lack of competition, luxury hotels are more expensive at Ikare. 

Flight Fare To Ikare 

Averaging worldwide flights, costs can go from a high of $4,760 in mid-to-late August to a low of $1,477 in mid-March. The median price for the flight is $1,641. They’re focused on millions of planes. 

Daily Estimates Expenditure

Daily holiday costs vary further depending on what you are involved in doing. A fine restaurant with drinks around Ikare would cost easily $150 per person or more. But the regular decent meal could cost about $10 per person. Private tours can cost $291 a day, but self-guided tours can be free to see the sights outside. The costs can vary widely.



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