Uganda Transport, How to go around Uganda

Moving around Uganda is easy, fast and convenient. Ugandan public and private means of transport can reach out with all parts of the country. The country is landlocked. But still, transportation is quite good. Uganda is well connected to nearby countries as well as to faraway countries. Uganda’s capital, Kampala, and nearby towns are very well connected together.

Several shared taxi and minibuses are easy to find anywhere. You can just wave your hands to stop these publicly available transport and step into them. Mini-buses are normally crowded but still are the cheapest way to travel. One of the most used bus services in Uganda is Post Bus. This is run by the country’s postal service. All buses depart at 8:00 a.m., in the morning, either from Kampala or to Kampala. There are stops at various post offices along the way. These buses are comfortable and very affordable.  

Also, you can ride around the country with a scooter taxi service. The motorcycle service is famous with the name boda-bodas.

Getting Around Uganda!!

You can use any of these to move within Uganda.

  • Boda-Bodas: This is Uganda local transportation service. These motorcycle taxis can be ideal for a short distance. They are fast!! You can take a recommendation from your hotel for a reliable, safe driver.
  • Rental Cars: Use them if you are with the family. As they can be expensive due to high taxes on them compared to other parts of the world.
  • Buses: There are many bus service available in Uganda. UPS bus service is the safest option. As the post buses are run by the Ugandan Postal Service (UPS). Post buses run daily except Sunday. The route of the bus is usually from Kampala to Kasese (via Mbarara), Kabale (via Masaka and Mbarara), Soroti (via Mbale) and Hoima (via Masindi).

Tips For Visitors On How To Move Around Safely in Uganda

With chaotic traffic and excited crowds, it can be confusing to travel in Kampala, especially when you are in a hurry.

  • Avoid Boda Bodas for long distances. As many bikes are not in good condition and can be dangerous. But..But..try them once especially if you are on a solo trip. You can use Boda Bodas for limited distances to avoid traffic jams.
  • You should also avoid Taxis with 14 passengers. These are commonly used in Kampala. and they can be not safe for travel. Apart from that, there are many complaints about rash driving from the ex-pats and localities. 
  • If you are taking a rental car then please don’t submit your passport or any important original documents. Also, keep your driving licence with you always.

There are many parks waiting for you in Uganda. The most reliable way to enjoy them is with a safari-tour. There are many good operators in Uganda. This is a good option when you are travelling with friends or family.


Uganda Transport !!

Uganda is famous as the Pearl of Africa. It is the friendliest place in Africa to visit. Also, it can be a budget-friendly trip to do. There are many modes of transportation available in Uganda. You can use anyone according to convenience.

Air Transport Uganda


It is so easy to fly in and out of  Uganda. Entebbe is Uganda’s main international airport, it is 40 kilometres away from the capital city of Kampala. However, currently, Entebbe airport is under expansion and renovation. But, it will surely get more international flights in future. Rwanda Air, Kenya Airways, Ethiopia Airways, KLM, British Airways, Egypt Air, Tanzania air, Sabena and many more airlines fly from and to Entebbe.

This airport has made reaching Uganda so easy for travellers from all over the world.


You can check the official site for tickets and more information.

Uganda Airlines

Uganda Road Transport

Road transportation is the most used means of transport in the country. The public roads connect very well to different parts of the country. Also, road transport is expanded to the nearby borders of the neighbour countries like Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. The road transport mainly consists of Public buses. The buses that are meant to use for long travels like the whole day. Those buses carry a large population of like 70 people. The bus driver always drives at a terrible speed in order to cover the long distances.
One of the most used bus service in Uganda in Post Bus service. This is run by the country’s postal service. You can consider it as one of the country’s most reliable bus services. Now, coming to timing all of its buses depart at 8:00 a.m. either from Kampala or to Kampala. There are stops at various post offices along the way. These buses are comfortable and very affordable.

Special Hire Cars

Cars are available for rental in Uganda. You can hire one from companies available in the country. Once an individual hires a car, other people cannot be added. Depending on what the traveller wants, a vehicle can be rented alone or with a driver. The driver can drive only the group of persons who hired the car. 

The Boda Bodas

Boda Bodas are commonly used in all East Africa. They are bicycle and motorcycle taxis. These are used for short distances in towns and cities by riding travellers. However, boda bodas are expensive in comparison to taxis because, unlike most taxis, they don’t do stopovers till you reach your final destination. This makes them the quickest means of transport. Even if it quite an expensive one. You should be very careful while travelling with Boda Bodas. Because they can be quite dangerous. As a  Boda Boda carries more than 2 passengers including the motorcyclist. It is usually driven by a male driver. The passengers sit behind the motorcyclist and place their feet on the footrests. It can be a quick and enjoyable ride. But risky at the same time.

Water Transport Uganda

The water transports are being used in Uganda commonly by the tourists. It includes the use of boat, ferry and canoes people cross from point to point on the water. Most people like sightseeing the islands. Many tourists love to touring the islands at the lake and other water bodies. So, they can use this means of transportation.

Uganda Transport

Uganda Railway Transport

This is being used in connecting people and goods in Tanzania to Kisume in Kenya and Mombasa. You can also get a local railway train. Which is running daily from Kampala to Mukono from morning till evening. As the Uganda Railways Corporation runs two main train lines in Uganda. Out of two, one is from Kampala to Port Bell on Murchison Bay at Lake Victoria. Another one is from Kampala to Tororo at the Kenyan border.

That’s all about what means of transportation can be available in Uganda. Want to read more about travelling? Check out the below articles.


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