Visa for the Netherlands

Depending on the intent of your travel to the Netherlands, there are various types of visas to apply.
If you wants to go on a holiday, study, or work and live in the Netherlands, you will have to apply for Dutch Schengen Visa, accordingly.

Types of visa for the Netherlands 

It depends on your nationality, destination, and duration of stay, whether you need a visa or not. To see if you need access and how you can apply for one, read the visa sections.
Visa for airport transportation
You must need an airport transit visa if you are moved to another flight at a Dutch airport.
Visa for Short-Stay
A short-stay visa (Schengen visa) enables you to stay for the greatest of 90 days in the Netherlands. It is also applicable in other Schengen countries besides the Netherlands.
Visa for Long-Stay
You will need a long-stay visa if you want to stay longer than 90 days in the Netherlands. This is referred to as a temporary stay (MVV) permit.
Visa from the Caribbean
You will need a Caribbean visa if you plan a trip to parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean. It will make it possible to visit Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St Eustatius, and St Maarten.
Facilitation of Visas
You may apply for visa facilitation if you wish to travel to the Netherlands with or enter a family member who is an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen.

General documents needed Visa Application for the Netherlands

  • Fill the application form with honesty and completeness.
  • You may also electronically complete the Netherlands Schengen Visa application form and then print a hard copy.
  • It is essential to attach two photos. The photo should be in passport format-a recent full-face capture.
  • Also, needs your passport and copies of your previous visas that are valid for at least three months. There must be two blank pages on your access.
  • A copy of your reservation for the return-ticket. The buy of the ticket before obtaining the visa is not recommended.
  • Travel Visa Assurance of insurance coverage of EUR 30,000 within the Netherlands.
  • A cover letter specifying the intention and itinerary of a visit to the Netherlands
  • Reservation of the flight itinerary with dates. And also flight numbers detailing entry and departure from the Netherlands
  • Evidence of accommodation in the Netherlands for the entire planned stay.
  • Evidence of civil status (marriage certificate, children’s birth certificate, ration card where applicable)
  • Evidence of adequate financial capital for a time of stay in the Netherlands.
When employed:
        Contract Jobs
        Present bank accounts for six months at the latest.
        Leave the Employer’s Permission
        Income Tax Return (ITR) form or Income Tax Certificate deducted from the source of salary.
When self-employed:
         A copy of a business license from you
        Bank accounts of the organization over the last six months
        Return on Income Tax (ITR)
When a student:
         Proof of enrollment
        Certificate of No-objection by school or university
If in retirement:
       Declaration of pensions for the past six months
Where applicable:
     Daily income generated by proof of ownership over the last six months
The remaining required documents referred to above must be accompanied by a signed application form. And hand in person to the relevant embassy/consulate.

Entry without a visa to the Netherlands

You can enter the Netherlands without a visa is dependent on nationality. For 90 days, you can stay in the Netherlands without a permit.

Terms for visa-free travel

The Schengen Visa Advisor will assist you in deciding if a visa is required to travel to or via the Netherlands. You will enter the Netherlands without a permit if the Visa Advisor shows that you do not need a visa. But, you will also need to follow those demands.
  • You must carry a passport or travel document issued during the last ten years.
  • The passport validity must be for three months following your departure date.
  • For the duration of your stay (€55 per day), you must have evidence that you have enough money to cover your expenses. You can ask someone also to serve as a guarantor for you if you can not fulfill this condition.
  • You must be able to explain to customs and immigration officials the intent of your stay.
  • It would be best if you showed that you have insurance covering medical costs for travel.
  • A return ticket is also required.
  • It would be best if you were not viewed as a threat to public order, to national security.

Adds to visa-free travel requirements from 2022

Non-EU nationals who do not need a visa to access the Schengen region will need to apply for prior authorization to visit the Schengen countries. (from December 2022 onwards) This authorization is not equal to that of a visa. Via the European Travel Information and Authorisation Framework, you may apply for approval. You may apply online only. However, it is not yet clear the exact date on which these amendments will come into effect.


Suppose you are traveling with a child under the age of 18 to the Netherlands. Please be informed that more rules apply and that identity checks may take place at the border.
Such checks are carried out by the Royal Military and Border Police to avoid the alien abduction of children. They will ask for your identification document to be displayed. When a child enters or exits the Schengen area with only one of their parents, KMAR officers can also perform checks. Thus, you will need to have written consent from the other parent of the infant.

Travel permission (authorization form)

  • Non-accompanying parents can use the authorization form for a minor to travel abroad.
  • For each boy/girl, you must fill in a separate form.
  • You may not need the form if only one parent has parental responsibility for the infant. But you do need more documentation. For specifics of the documents required, see the way.

Be on schedule

The extra checks can mean that more time needs to be allowed. The Royal Military and Border Police tell parents traveling alone with their children. So that to have enough time for these checks to be cleared.


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