How to apply for a visa to Pakistan?

Pakistan might not be a location on your travel list. Because of security issues for both visitors and residents. These issues have made it impossible for Americans to Pakistan.
But, to prevent many adventurous tourists from traveling. They must feel comfortable before visiting. Apply for a visa only if you have a firm decision.
Tourists to Pakistan usually need to get a visa from Pakistani diplomatic missions. These missions offer different categories, as some travelers need a visa on arrival.
When traveling in a group or for a business, they can apply for electronic visa applications. And also visa issuance authorization on arrival. Applicants usually have to apply for visas in their own country. But, if they are legal citizens of such a country, they can also apply from the third country.

How to apply for a visa to Pakistan?

An authorized document that allows entry and traveling within a given country. It is an option that offers an entry route into the country. Or visit an embassy to receive conventional paper visas is the e-Visa. The E-Visas has links to the passenger’s passport. See the Pakistan visa application form.

Basics for Obtaining a Tourist Visa

  • A few individuals still want to make the trip to Pakistan.
  • For this to happen, you should have a visa.
  • Visa applications for tourist visas are available on the internet.
  • But you should apply for that in a person.
  • You can also contact the Pakistani consulate near you.
  • To clarify exactly what you need to bring with you and if there is a meeting.

How much does a visa to Pakistan cost?

Fee For Tourist Visa to Pakistan:

The following are Fee For Tourist Visa to Pakistan for the Washington DC Embassy. 

 Visa to Pakistan Fee:

  • Single Entry Visa is valid for three months, and it costs up to $189.00.
  •  Multiple Entry Visa is valid for one year, and it costs up to $90.00. 
  •  Multiple Entry Visa Up to five years, and it costs up to $249.00. 

Visa-Free entry

The five following countries holding standard passports may not need a visa.

You can also apply and get a visa online. All you need to is Apply for a visa online.

Electronic Visa Application

Tourist Visa on arrival

The listed countries may obtain an ETA visa upon arrival in Pakistan.

Documents Required For Tourist Visa

  • A passport that has one blank visa page.
  • And also valid for at least six months.
  • One registration form was completed.
  • They can’t leave anything blank.
  • Four passport-sized photographs.
  • Legal invitation letter.
  • Proof of travel documents such as flight tickets.
  • Driving License
  • Copies of all the documents as mentioned above.


Tourist visa:
On arrival, if you are a citizen of these countries, you can now apply for a Tourist Visa. Submit your intention to receive an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA). You should submit it at least 48-72 hours before your planned trip to Pakistan.
If you receive a valid ETA in favor of your application, you can travel to Pakistan.
Type Application You can apply online for two types of visas: First Time (New):
If you do not have a valid visa to Pakistan, you can apply for a new passport. Eligibility To use Tourist Visa On Arrival, you must be a citizen of the listed countries.
Foreign of Indian origin may apply for religious tourism purposes under this category.

Tour operators approved by the Tourist Services Directorate of Pakistan (DTS). It may be permitted to bring Tourist Groups into this category.

Business Visa on Arrival

The following 95 countries could acquire a visa upon arrival when they travel on a business trip for a maximum period of 30 days.

Consult a sponsor:
  • It would be best to have a sponsor before you could even imagine applying a visa to Pakistan.
  • This sponsor is also a person who lives in Pakistan.
  • Or can be a tour company,
  • That must have an official letter.


The application must be submitted in quadruplicate (4 sets), and all required documents and photographs. Each group has to have the following:

  • Apply for Visa.
  • Passport size photographs stapled on a given visa application area. It will not accept loose and improper/untrimmed photos.
  • NGO / INGO organization cover letter seeking Visa.
  • Employer Letter of Introduction.
  • NGO / INGO registration license.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Government of Pakistan and NGO / INGO.
  • U.S. Permanent Card of Residence (for Non-US Nationals)
  • NGO visas are approved from home, so applications should be submitted two months before the intended travel date.
  • All fees are due in US Postal Money Orders or Cashier Checks made payable to the Pakistan Embassy, Washington D.C. Please do not send cash or personal checks.
  • Suppose the applicants hold non-US passports. The applicant must provide proof of residence, such as a Green Card or a valid work permit.
  • In Pakistan, immigration formalities are compulsory upon arrival. 
  • In Pakistan, immigration formalities are compulsory upon arrival. (In some instances, registration by the police applies).
Contact a travel agency:

Apply through a travel or tour company to help you. Such as Visa First Global Visa experts. This application process is a hassle, and no doubt it is. The process can be a little overwhelming, giving plenty of time before you leave on all the paperwork.

Indian passport holders

The Ministry of Interior has to clear applications from Indian passport holders.

They are not prevented from visiting Pakistan, though. They are subject to more regulations. The mandatory registration by the police, regardless of the type of Visa. This Regulation also applied to foreigners of Indian origin.

Holders of Indian passports are not granted tourist visas. To visit family and friends, they can apply for Visa only. Also, they can apply for business visas, transit visas, and religious pilgrimage visas. 

Indian passport holders are granted six months of business visas, with multiple entries allowed.

Indian passport holders are also not eligible for any visa extensions. The holders who stay longer than the Visa’s time are subject to an overstay fee of 40 Rupees per day.

Diplomatic and service category passports:
Pakistan has passport abolition contracts for diplomatic and official passport holders. The following countries do not need Pakistan visas.
Online Visa:

All countries except the following countries are eligible for applying for an online visa.

Mandatory Registration:
Visitors from the following countries are mandated to ensure with police:

Family Visit Visa

British citizens of Pakistani descent can apply for a family visa. Adult and under-eighteen (18)-year-old applicants have different visa application requirements. For more information, please see the sections below.
Adult Applicant Requirements :
Adults (18 years and older) applying for a family visa must submit the following documents:
  • Visa Application Form, completed and signed
  • The original passport, as well as a photocopy of it, must be valid for at least six months.
  • Two recent passport-size white-background photographs
  • With photocopies, one of the following:
  • Your Pakistani National Identity Card / Shanakhti Card, which is valid or expired.
  • Your Pakistani passport, whether it is valid or expired.
  • One of your parents must have a valid/expired Pakistani passport,
  • One of your parents’ valid or expired Pakistani National Identity Card

Tourist Visa

The sponsor letter must be on affidavit, and a copy of the host’s CNIC/passport must be notarized in Pakistan (Original). A letter of introduction from your employer or educational institution, depending on the situation.

The following documents are required by Pakistani embassies and consulates:

  • A passport that is valid for at least 6 months and has a blank page on which to stamp the visa;
  • Four passport-size (2″x2″) photos taken within the last six months;
  • a completed application for a Pakistan visa;
  • Fee for a visa (cash or money order in person, money order mailed);
  • Proof of permanent residence in the United States, as well as proof of residence in the relevant consular jurisdiction.

How to get help with your visa application?

You can apply for a Mexican visa on your own but if you need help with your visa application you can go through a reliable visa service. You can search for a visa service close to you. Depending on your nationality and the time you have, one service can be more convenient than the other.

How long does a Pakistani visa take?

7-10 working days 

The visa fee is non-refundable. For a visa, the average processing time is 7-10 working days.

Regular requirements on the entry in Pakistan


If you are on a British passport traveling to Pakistan, you’ll need to get a visa before traveling. Infringements of Visas can be treated as a criminal offense and could result in a fine or detention. Journalists’ Visas are often subject to more travel restrictions.

Passport validity

Your passport should be valid for a least six months at the time of your visa application.

National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)

You can enter Pakistan visa-free. You can remain there for an unlimited period of stay. If you have a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis. Or Smart National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (SNICOP). 

Needs for Yellow Fever Certificate

Check if you need a Certificate of Yellow Fever. You can visit the National Travel Health Network and Centre’s Travel HealthPro website.

Traveling with children

A single parent or another adult who is not the parent of the child. Will need to provide documentary evidence of parental responsibility. The immigration authorities allow the child to leave the country.

Exit requirements

Every passenger who leaves Pakistan must have a valid visa. A national identity card of Pakistan, or a valid passport of Pakistan.

If you are traveling and your Visa has expired on a British passport. Unless you have a visa extension or exit visa, you may not be allowed to board your flight. Contact the Ministry of the Interior for visa extension and exit visa instructions.

If you have been visiting Pakistan for over four weeks now. When you leave Pakistan, you may need to provide proof of vaccination against polio. More information can be found on:

see the website of the National Travel Health Network and Centre.

Why visit Pakistan?

There are security concerns and a complex visa process. But, a trip to Pakistan is also no problem for certain people. Pakistan, though, is full of natural beauty. From the breathtaking architecture and cultural objects to the lush landscapes. These tempt people who love to explore various places.
Some attractions to check out on a visit to Pakistan include:
  • Lahore Fort,
  • Chaukhandi tombs, 
  • Hingol National Park,  
  • elephant path, and Khewra Salt Mine.
These are the details for Applying for a visa for Pakistan.


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