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Want to Know Syria Visa Requirements? Check Here!

A visa to Syria is hard to get. Lots of people submitting applications and either rejected or waiting for approval. Since the crisis has stabilized and completed Daesh’s destruction, Syria is again open for business and ready to accept tourists. Below are the Syria Visa Requirements.

Syria Visa


  • Two completed Syria visa application
  • Two passport-type photos
  • Passport with 6 months validity.
  • One blank visa page
  • NON-USA passport holders should provide a copy of the green card.
  • I-94
  • One copy of the flight


  • The very first thing you can do is book a tour.
  • Before the war, the government now requires everyone to book on tour.
  • The conflict has almost come to an end,
  • But there are still foreign occupied areas.
  • These are unassuming ventures into, putting themselves in danger.
  • Send a scan of your passport.
  • Send a passport-sized photo.
  • For other nationalities, it will take less than a week for approval.
  • You don’t need to apply for the group at once.


The government has announced that it will allow Americans to travel. But approval is not guaranteed. Because the application processing times can vary.


Unfortunately, Israeli passport holders are not permitted to travel to Syria. It includes entry and exit stamps from Jordan or Egypt. It shows that you’ve crossed the land border into or out of Israel.

There Should Security stickers on the outside of your passport. They also a tell-tale sign and anything else. That’s stuck on the passport by Immigration.

These are the some Syria Visa Requirements for the Americans And the Israelis.

How to get Syrian visa straight from travel company?

The very first thing you need to know-

  • Travel companies do not give visas to Syria.
  • It gives security clearance.
  • That you need to submit at the customs.

Cost of security:

  • Until recently –

Suppose you didn’t need to book a full package tour. Then travel agencies only require you to pay them 300-400USD.

But If you had a British or American passport.  You have to pay more hundreds.

  • Today –

In Case you need to book a full tour. Then agencies won’t tell you what the cost of the security is.

How to pay for the visa:

  • Note, the Syrian banking doesn’t accept.
  • So you need to send the money via Western Union.
  • Some companies also have foreign bank accounts.
  • You can also pay through PayPal and direct bank transfer.


  •  It depends on the agency.
  • It takes an average of 10-15 days.
  • But for Americans, it takes up to several months.


It has a 90-day validity.

EU Passport holders: 72USD
Australia and New Zealand: 130USD
United Kingdom: 140USD

Syria Visa

Do I need a Syrian visa?

Yes. The visa should get obtained before arrival at a Syrian Embassy or Consulate in the country. In March 2014, all activities got halted by the Syrian Arab Republic Embassy in Washington, DC. There have still been no resumed consular services. Passport health passports and visas also can not support visa processing for Syria. A copy of the travel permit for travel to Syria is mandatory.

However, nobody whose passport carries the entry or exit stamp of Israel will be allowed into Syria. You are held for questioning if the Syrian authorities believe that you have traveled to Israel. Therefore, if you have proof of your past passport to Israel, also intend to travel to Syria, please ensure you get a second passport for this journey.

Passport ValidityAt least 6 months validity
Blank Passport PagesOne page per entry stamp
Tourist VisaYes
Other Visa TypesSee below

Sources: U.S. State Department

May I get my visa on arrival for Syria?

No, not that. Before arrival in the region, visas for Syria should get obtained. There is, however, no visa-issuing from the Syrian Embassy in the US. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the Honorary Consulship of Syria in Montreal, Canada, to US citizens interested in traveling to Syria.

How does my Syrian visa application help materials?

For a recent visa. Please contact the Honorary Consulate of the Syrian Arab Republic in Montreal, Canada. The Consulate website offers additional information.

Are you searching for a second passport to go to Syria? Let the experts aid with the travel document! Appeal for advice from experts.

How will I get my Syrian visa?

For a new visa. Please contact the Arab Republic of Syria Honorary Consulate in Montreal, Canada.

What else can I do before I go to Syria?

All you need a valid passport to fly to Syria that will not expire for at least six months. No proof of previous trips to Israel must be available for your passport. You would have to have a second passport to travel to Syria if your passport requires Israeli entry or exit stamps.

A second passport must you receive?

You will get your second passport in as little time as 1-3 working days with health passports and visas.

There are numerous health and safety threats in Syria, so make sure you are ready. Schedule an appointment for a secure and stable ride to Syria at the closest passport health clinic to you to collect all your health and safety advice, vaccines, prescriptions, and travel supplies.

Syrian Passport Tourist Visa Required

When you go to Syria with the United States, a Tourist Visa is mandatory for the passport.

At this time, TDS can not support it.

However, the Syrian Embassy in Washington has suspended all diplomatic relations with Syria and has closed.


In Syria, road conditions can be very different from those of the USA.

The current dispute makes it more likely that tourists will experience both official and unofficial road safety controls. You must be careful when driving in Syria because, in addition to the active conflict, conditions are dangerous.

Although drivers usually follow signs and signs in urban areas. They navigate aggressively and pay little attention to nearby vehicles. Also, it used to ignore markings on the road. Unlike the US, the vehicles must be allowed to enter traffic in Syrian traffic circles. At night it is hard to see peasants, who sometimes walk with little notice into the traffic.


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