Where to shop in Italy?

Where to shop in Italy? You visit different countries in a lifetime but nothing can match the fun of shopping in Italy. Italy is bliss for all shopping lovers. Shopping here is a basic necessity for people.  In the larger cities of Italy, there are huge malls and boutique stores. While the smaller towns will have little markets for local products. We often wonder where to shop in Italy, here goes the list of the best places to shop in Italy.

  • Via Del Corso, Rome

Shopping at Rome’s best street market is Via Del Corso. You can shop here till your heart’s filled with joy. The meandering streets and narrow alleys give you a wide selection of shopping. This market has a mix of local boutiques and international brands. According to historians, the shopping here dates back to 220 BC. 

The street is busy even on Sunday mornings but still the best place to shop in Italy. You can buy souvenirs, clothes, and even groceries at good rates. You can find various retail stores selling a variety of shoes and clothes. Bargaining is a no in the branded outlets here. 

  • Via Monte Napoleone, Milan

A synonym for luxury is Via Montenapoleone street in Milan. Each luxury brand outlet is found in this street of Milan. Via Monte can keep you occupied 24×7 for shopping here. The streets here overflow with classic and modern designer clothes. The reason is that Italy is always the fashion hub. 

Milan is the most luxurious city and in every respect, a dream come true for shopaholics.  You forget about the luxury in the Milan hotels in front of the shopping malls. This street in Milan has some of the best luxury hotels, restaurants, and boutiques. Get the finest brand products from Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and Georgio Armani. Gucci here allows you to customize key products to create a perfect souvenir from Italy.

  • Via Giovan Battista Zannoni, Florence
If you are in to shop for a jacket, belt, or purse, the owner of this Via Giovan Battista Zannoni is the perfect place to shop for leather jackets, belts, or purses. The goods here are made from scratch at the Michelangelo Florentine leather unit. It is a paradise for all the shoppers. All kinds of quality products are seen here along the boutique hotels.
Shop here for souvenirs and gifts of classic leather accessories that last long. It guarantees that you win dozens of compliments for shopping here. If your attire is being too big or too small you can get alterations done in minutes here. There are many stalls around the indoor market to visit here.
  • Mercerie, Venice
Mercerie is a home for all the fashion maniacs. All the fashion stuff ranging from costumes to jewelry is on sale. Though bargaining is a big no here. Mercerie is a must-visit if you go to Venice, to witness some great stores across the beautiful water city. Mercerie is a place where Italian and international fashion is top-notch. Fashion-invested streets of Mercerie are filled with retail stores and stalls.
Boutiques have a collection from fashion experts such as Prada, Hermes, and Gucci. Mercerie in Venice will be one of the busiest streets you would come across on the trip. Hunt down every store and take back home some adorable Italian goodies! The most famous shopping streets are in the Le Mercerie area of the San Marco district. Some of the best picks are jewelry, souvenirs, and the latest fashion.
  • Via Toledo, Naples
Naples is the best place for shopping. It is known best for its array of stores and the high-quality products that these stores offer. It is one of the longest shopping streets in Italy and is a must-visit for shopping in Italy. This vibrant city is a melting pot of colors, culture, and history. Shopping in Naples is as much a delight as sightseeing.
This street is awake 24×7 and is brimming with locals and tourists alike. It is even a house to plazas, churches, and monuments making it an ideal sightseeing place. Via Toledo is home to a variety of boutiques and departmental stores. The locals have their jewelry shops. You can even customize your favorite ornament. Take a stroll in Via Toledo so you can witness Dante’s Piazza and the Royal Palace. If you get hungry stop for a cannoli or pizza!

Which city in Italy has the best fashion?

Milan, the fashion capital, is the center of international fashion. Cosmopolitan, luxury, art, gastronomy, and culture… perfect place for fashionistas and enthusiasts.

Is it cheaper in Italy?

In comparison to the US and the rest of Europe, Italy has several cheap items. These include alcohol, coffee, leather goods, clothing items, and local wines. Even Italian food items such as cheese, olive oil, bread, pasta, and pizza are cheap. 

A fact is shopping is a stress buster and costs less than therapy. So visit the right spot for trendy clothes, designer outfits, and laudable apparel. Live life large and shop till you drop in Italy. 

Where to shop in Italy?


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